A Finger of Fun…


Manual stimulation is often something that only happens in the early days of a relationship, before oral and penetrative sex enter the scene. However, the hands can be used to pleasure a woman in wonderfully satisfying ways. Manual play is safe play as there’s no fluid exchange (assuming you don’t have cuts on your hands – if you do, wear latex gloves) so it’s a great way to learn about your lover’s body.


Every woman is different but almost all women masturbate, so she’ll probably know exactly what turns her on. Ask your lover to masturbate in front of you so that you can see what she likes. Put your hand on top of hers to feel the way that she flexes her hand, how fast she moves and feel how much pressure she uses and where. Experiment with different techniques, speeds and pressures to see what works best, but remember to start gently and work your way up – the clitoris can be highly sensitive.

Using your fingers on a woman isn’t just part of foreplay. It can be a wonderful way to show her how much you love pleasuring her; an easy way to thrill her when you’re not in the mood; and can also come in handy if you ‘finish first’ during sex and don’t want to leave her high and dry: a handy way to play.

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