7 Foreplay Tips to Drive Him Wild

Sometimes the build-up to sex can be just as, or even more enjoyable than the act itself. From the passion, suspense, and anticipation of what’s to come, foreplay could be exciting and exhilarating for both partners. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, here are seven foreplay tips for her to get your man’s pulse racing and raring to go.

Foreplay Tips for Her to Make Him Hot

1. It’s all in the head

When your man gets home after a long day at work, offer him some stress relief in the form of a sensual head massage. The scalp is home to many sexual stimulation spots, so let your hands gently caress his with slow circular movements and hear him moan with delight. Once you are done with the scalp, sensually work your way towards the neck and shoulders area until you reach the trouser department, which is when the fun really begins! To increase the pleasure even further, add the Durex Massage & Play 2 in 1 Lubricant Sensual with Ylang Ylang and watch him squirm.

2. The thigh rub

Nothing turns a guy on more than being teased whilst knowing that he cannot have you there and then. During your dinner date or night at the movies, use your hand to gently stroke his thigh with slow, firm movements up towards his groin. Feel his erection grow and leave him longing for the bill to arrive or for the film to finish so that he can whisk you home and into the bedroom.

3. Undress him with your eyes

During sex, eye contact can be very erotic while adding a sense of greater passion to the moment. Similarly, during foreplay, you can use the same technique to whip your man into a frenzy. Most people close their eyes when kissing but try keeping them open to retain that eye contact. Next, move your hands down to his penis, while still holding your partner's gaze as you stimulate him simultaneously. If things progress to oral sex, keep your eyes glued to his as you can equally watch his enjoyment as he gets closer to climax.4. The strip tease

4. Strip tease

Even if they don’t admit it, every guy still fantasizes about Jennifer Beals’ strip scene from the movie Flashdance. After all the sight of a woman, scantily clad and moving around in a provocative fashion is bound to drive any guy wild, even more so if it’s the woman he loves. The first step is to make sure you’ve selected your sexiest lingerie from the drawer, make sure to wear something loose and easy to remove when the time is right. Once you’ve chosen your sexiest outfit, put on some sensual music with a strong baseline and let your striptease routine commence. Remember to close the curtains to ensure it’s just for your man’s eyes only!

7 Foreplay Tips to Drive Him Wild

5. Touch yourself

Not one for the timid, self-masturbation in front of your partner can seem like a daunting, if not slightly embarrassing act. However, it doesn’t have to be. Turn the lights down low, strip down to your underwear, and start slowly caressing your breasts whilst passionately kissing your partner. This alone should be enough to bring on his erection almost immediately. If you want to go further, take your hand down in between your knickers and start playing with your clitoris. For an even more thrilling sensation, let his hands join yours so that he can feel what you are doing, but let him know that you are in control to tip him over the edge!

6. Lick his lobes

This is a little trick to try out during a passionate kiss. Starting at his lips, move your way around to his cheek and then over to his left ear. Blow lightly on his lobes before nibbling, sucking or licking them gently to increase the stimulation. Gently move your way back to his lips and then make your way to the opposite ear. The ear lobes have hundreds of nerve endings and are considered an erogenous zone, so this flirty trick is guaranteed to give him a thrill. Due to the ear’s sensitivity, increase your partner’s pleasure by being as slow and as gentle as possible.

7. Talk dirty

Following on from the above tip, talking to dirty to your partner can turn him on even more. Take the opportunity to whisper to him some naughty messages to really drive him crazy. Fear not, what you whisper doesn’t have to be rude or obscene. By simply telling him that you want him now or that you can’t wait to get home with him, will do the trick and leave him wanting more. Including sexy talk can really heighten sexual tension during initial foreplay as well as increased passion during sex later on.

Foreplay Tips From Durex®

Let's not underestimate the power of foreplay—it can be just as exhilarating as intercourse itself, and sometimes even the main event! With these expert foreplay tips, you'll have the ability to drive your partner wild with desire.

Remember, communication is the key to ensuring a satisfying and safe experience. Engage in open and honest discussions about your desires and boundaries. And of course, prioritize your sexual well-being by incorporating Durex® condoms into your intimate moments. Embrace the pleasure and let the sparks fly!


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