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real good sex for all

We stand for real sex. We want people to feel good about whatever they’re into. We believe in recognizing the problems and fighting to fix them. Sex that feels good - and does good.


Get it on with ribs and dots, skin-on-skin thin, made-to-make-it-last and more shapes, sizes and sensations you’ll love.


lubes & pleasure gels

From making sex more comfortable to sensations that’ll make it more fun, lubes can help turn your “oh” into the Big-O.


sex toys

Our toys - from bullet vibrators to pleasure rings - are designed for fun with a partner or on your own. Turn up the intensity or add an element of surprise.

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Real good sex: tips & advice


Is it safe to have sex during the COVID-19 outbreak?   If you and your partner are living together and are not displaying any symptoms, the COVID-1...
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6 Self-dating tips to make the most of your alone time

It’s a strange time for everyone but being single and home alone doesn’t have to feel lonely. Yes, it’s important to virtually reach out to the peo...
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Tips for Dating at Home

Tips for dating during self-isolation As a singleton, hearing the words social distancing may have you thinking your dating life is over. But, with...
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