What Size Condom Would I Wear?

Condom size is crucial for proper use – and optimal pleasure.

What Size Condom Would I Wear?

By:  Natasha Burton                                                                                          

Finding the right size condom for you is not only helpful for making sex more pleasurable, it's also crucial for ensuring your condom protects you from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Typically, condoms come in three categories, so figuring out where you fall on this spectrum is key – and super easy to do. Here's your four-step plan for determining what condom you should wear.

Gather Your Supplies

To measure yourself, you'll need a piece of paper, a pencil and a soft tape measure. (Or, you can use a piece of string and a ruler, if needed.) Find a time when you won't be disturbed and then go about the business of getting yourself aroused. You can also ask for your partner's help so your penis is at peak erection when you're ready to measure.

Measure Yourself

Place your tape measure at the base of your penis (where your pubic bone is) and extend it to the tip, then note how long your manhood is. Write this number down so you don't forget! Next, you'll need to measure your circumference. Wrap the tape measure gently around your shaft, about a half an inch up from the base for the most accurate measurement. Note how wide you are and write down this number, too.

Shop Around

Online, you can find various resources listing condom sizes and types, as well as the suggested length and girth for each one. However, you'll likely want to try a couple different condoms for optimal fit before settling on one particular kind. Buy a variety pack, like the Durex® Pleasure Pack® Condom Variety Pack, and enlist your partner to help you determine which condom you both like best.

Evaluate for Best Fit

Ideally, a condom should be long enough for you to have a bit of room at the tip of your penis. It should be tight, but not so tight that it pinches you. It should also stay on during sex. As you try various sizes, make note of these points to determine your best fit.



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