What Happens to a Woman When She Becomes Sexually Aroused?

Learn the four stages women when turned on.

What Happens to a Woman When She Becomes Sexually Aroused?

By:  August McLaughlin

If you've seen Showtime's hit series "Masters of Sex," you know that researchers Virginia E. Johnson and William H. Masters discovered four phases of sexual arousal back in the late '50s and early '60s. Ever since, the study of sex and arousal has continued. What we know is that while men and women have some similar responses when sexually aroused, there are also some obvious and not-so-obvious differences. Let's face it: When a man is turned on, it's often apparent, but when a woman is sexually stimulated, it can be much more subtle.

The Warm Up

When a woman starts getting aroused (phase one), her heart rate quickens and her breath intensifies. (Think: workout warmup, only sexier.) Her skin may flush while her breasts become fuller and her nipples harden in excitement. Blood flows below, and all those lady parts become more sensitive to even a light touch. She also begins to release a natural lubricant. Keep in mind that adding commercial lube, such as Durex® Massage & Play Intensify, can only enhance the experience, whether she's having dryness issues or not.

On the Brink

During the second phase, all the initial changes intensify — working up to the “big O.” Her vagina continues to swell as blood keeps flowing, causing the vaginal walls to turn a deep purple. Meanwhile, her clit becomes extra sensitive, swells and retracts, "hiding" under the clitoral hood. Her breathing, pulse and blood pressure continue to amp up. She may also experience muscle spasms or tingling in her feet, hands and face.

The Finish Line

The third phase may be the quickest part — usually lasting a few seconds — but it's also the most powerful. Rhythmic muscle contractions in the uterus, vagina and pelvic floor send warmth shimmering throughout a woman's body. The contractions build until she orgasms — letting go of sexual tension. The blushing she experienced early on may turn into full-body magenta, while her brain releases all sorts of feel-good chemicals.

The Cool Down

In phase four, her body slowly returns to its typical state. The swelling reduces and the blushing stops. She's likely to feel a happy calm, enhanced intimacy and possibly, fatigue. She may fully calm down or quickly return to arousal, making way for multiple orgasms. If you need more chill time between climaxes, but your lady is ready for another round, consider using a vibrator or your mouth or fingers to keep her going. If you're not sure what she wants, ask. Sexy questions are hot and let her know just how much she rocks your world!


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