Tips for Dating a Woman with Kids

When dating a woman with kids, big time respect can go a long way.

Tips for Dating a Woman with Kids

By: August McLaughlin

Dating a woman who has kids can have some huge perks. Moms generally tend to be ultra-caring, serious about whom they date and bring the potential of family fun to the table – should you end up getting serious for the long term. To make the most of the relationship from the get-go, respect her priorities, take interest in her kids and demonstrate patience and planning.

Show Respect

Women with kids have major responsibilities. When dating one, keep in mind that you won't always be her first priority, particularly if you are still in the early stages of your relationship or if her kids are young. Be considerate and don't place demands on her. Before getting intimate for the first time, find a place where you know she’ll be comfortable and ask whether she's on birth control. To help prevent an unplanned pregnancy and show that you’re responsible, provide your own condoms.

Ask About Her Kids

Because a mom’s kids mean so much to her, take a genuine interest in them. While all your conversations shouldn't revolve around her children, bringing them up routinely shows you care. Keep special dates, such as their birthdays, in mind. Once you meet and get to know the kids, small gifts or cards may be appropriate, along with attending their school concerts and ball games. If she has adult kids, they might want to join you for a night out at some point. She'll let you know when it's time for introductions.

Plan Ahead

Spontaneity can add fun and spice to most any relationship, but in general, women with kids will need to do some advance planning when it comes to dating. Their schedules tend to be busy with home obligations, especially if their kids are small or school age. Unless her children are old enough to fare on their own, she'll also need to arrange for a babysitter. Ask her how far in advance she prefers to schedule dates, and then respect it. To surprise her, secure the date but keep the details of your date a secret.

Practice Patience

A relationship with a single mom may progress slower than others you've had – and that's perfectly okay. The fact that she's willing to build a relationship says a lot. She's likely to take decisions about potential mates more seriously, given the fact that you may end up being a big part of her children's lives. Let her take whatever time she needs to get to know you, and you her. Don't rush things. There's a good chance the rewards will be well worth the wait.


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