Sexier in Bed

Being sexier in bed is easier than you think.

How to Act Sexier in Bed

By: Kat George

Being sexier in bed doesn't mean wearing silk underwear and spouting corny one-liners. On the contrary, the more natural you are in bed, the more sexiness you will exude. Women aren't looking for a Hollywood cheeseball seduction, so just relax and be yourself.

Be Confident
Confidence is the key to sexiness. Once you get her to the bedroom, don't become a nervous wreck. While shyness can be endearing, being a sweaty, insecure mess is not. Know that your woman is there for a reason, and let her see how much you want her by being bold.

Create a Sensual Environment
There's nothing sexy about piles of clothes on the ground, an unmade bed with dirty linens or a pervasive, funky odor. Having a well-kept, clean bedroom is much more appealing. Light just one lamp or a few candles to set the mood for some fun between the sheets. To relax, have Durex® Massage & Play Sensual lubricant on hand to give her an indulgent massage in your bedroom haven.

Focus on Her Needs
Women find it sexy when you tend to their bedroom needs. No one wants a selfish lover – make sure she's satisfied, and she'll find you irresistible. To amp up her pleasure, ask her if she's game to have you use the Durex® Play® Delight Intimate Massager for discreet, yet powerful pleasure.

Work Out Your Muscles
There's something primal and sexy about a man who can throw down. While you don't want to be aggressive in the bedroom, if you can pick a woman up without buckling at the knees, you'll make her swoon. Flex those muscles and pull your woman into you while standing, letting her legs wrap around your waist as you hold her up. Now that's some sexy lifting.

Be Relaxed
It goes without saying that women find humor sexy. You don't need to be a comedian in the bedroom, but if you can bring lightheartedness to sex, you'll be even more irresistible. No woman wants to be able to describe her lover as "uptight." Sex is supposed to be fun, and sometimes there are awkward bumps and sounds. Being able to laugh with your partner in these moments will make you truly sexy in the bedroom.


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