How to Play Truth or Dare - The Sexy Edition

Sexy games can draw you and your partner closer, while bringing mega pleasure.

How to Play Truth or Dare - The Sexy Edition

By: August McLaughlin                                                                       

Truth or Dare isn't just a slumber party game – though you may lose just as much sleep for fun reasons. Playing a sexy, adult version with your partner is a great way to shed light on each other's fantasies and desires and even act some out. Invite your partner to play, rather than catching her off-guard with sudden questions. For added enticement beforehand, plan your party in advance.

Set Ground Rules

There are many ways to play sexy Truth or Dare. Typically, one partner requests a question or a dare, which the other supplies. If either of you refuse to answer the question or take the proposed action – at all or in full – off goes a piece of clothing. Before you start, decide together whether any topics will be off-limits and if you want to stick within a certain theme. You could leave it open – anything goes – or have categories, such as positions, fantasies and romance. When it's your turn in the hot-light, choose a category.

Choose Your Q’s and D’s

While impromptu questions and dares can be fun, jotting ideas down beforehand can keep things running smoothly. Remember that the goal is fun and intimacy, so avoid asking questions that could make either of you uncomfortable. Your Q’s and D’s can be kinky, more vanilla or a mix of both. She could ask what foods and songs you find sexy, or what adult toy you'd design in her honor. Dare her to seduce you with words only, or to stay still and silent while you stimulate her with a vibrator.

Scoring, Big Time

Sexy Truth or Dare typically ends when you've made it through your list of questions or dares – if you have 10 of each, for example, play 10 rounds. If you've come up with challenges on the spot, go for a certain number of rounds or for a set time period. If the game sends you on a titillating tangent in bed, or wherever you decide to get it on, embrace it! Or let the spicy tension build up, making yourselves wait to make love until you've finished.

Tips and Tricks

If you'd rather skip the prep, use a Truth or Dare app, website or card deck – or use one of these options to get ideas. For group-style sexy play, invite trusted couples to join you. You can set boundaries for privacy, if desired, such as having couples act on dares in another room. Rather than strip when you pass on an item, you could use a points system. Truth or Dare also works as a sensual phone game while your girl is away. Simply follow the same guidelines from afar, keeping her at your ear so she can hear your sexy sounds as you're dared to touch yourself in certain ways or make yourself come.


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