Does Keeping a Condom in Your Wallet Ruin It?

Stay protected: learn where to store your condoms.

Does Keeping a Condom in Your Wallet Ruin It?

By: Zoey LeBlanc                                                                      

Does keeping a condom in your wallet ruin it? Yep – the wallet gets a permanent condom ring pressed into the surface – and if you’re unlucky, your friend shoots a picture of it and you’re all over Reddit, with 1,800+ upvotes. Oh wait, you mean, does the condom get ruined? That’s an excellent question.

Too Hot

Condoms are best stored in a cool, dry place. A wallet in the back of your jeans, soaking up all your body heat, doesn’t really qualify. This can dry out the condom, making it difficult to use and possibly ineffective. All that bending of the wallet when you sit and walk – not to mention opening and shutting it – can lead to microscopic holes or even tears in the condom or its foil wrapper.

Too Much Time

Condoms have use-by dates. So, if you leave your “ready for anything” condom in your wallet – for years and years – it can expire. Check the date and month stamped on the foils and cartons, which should read something like 2016-08. This indicates the condom should perform reliably through, in this example, August 2016.

Still Better Than Nothing

A condom that “has been through harsh conditions” is still better than no condom, notes Columbia Health’s “Go Ask Alice!” online health resource. As long as it’s not sticky or discolored, or the foil isn’t broken, you can still use it if you're without a better option. Your best plan is to keep your supply of condoms at home in a cool, dry place. Take a single one out – like a Durex® Avanti Bare RealFeel® Non-Latex Condoms – just in case the magic is going to happen that night, and place it in your jacket pocket or purse, away from keys and other sharp objects.

Good Places to Store Your Condoms

You have options – like a breath mints case or pinned to your shirt. If, unlike the Redditor wags, you’re squeamish about pins near your condoms, try a business card holder, a dice bag or commuter cell-phone case with storage drawer.




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