Why should I use latex free condoms?

Latex is the material that was originally found to be the best all-round option for making a condom, but unfortunately some of us are allergic to it. Latex-free condoms are made from a different non-latex material. Durex Real Feel latex-free condoms are made from Polyisoprene, a material that makes them suitable for people who have an allergy to natural rubber latex proteins.If you do have an allergy to latex, any adverse reactions are in the last place you want them – your nether regions, and anyone who suffers will tell you that an itchy painful rash down there is not a good way to enjoy sex. Latex-free condoms allow those of you with an allergy to have a safe pain-free sex life.

Latex-free condoms are not just designed for people who suffer from an allergy to latex either, they are popular with lots of you who just love the feel of them and the different sensation they bring. The Durex Real Feel condoms give you a natural skin-on-skin feeling, and can offer increased intimacy and connectivity. You might even just prefer them as your regular condom having had no allergic reactions to latex at all.

It goes without saying that if you are allergic to latex then latex-free condoms will make a big difference – you will be free from all the usual allergic reactions. No more burning, itching or painful sex. In fact, quite the opposite – based on research and feedback, many of you have a preference for latex-free condoms and not just because of an allergic reaction to latex. Lots of you buy them as your personal preference having had no reaction at all to latex.

Polyisoprene creates a much thinner condom which is where the Durex name Real Feel came from, they literally feel as close as possible to the real thing, using less material to separate the penis and vagina. The thinner material leads to a heightened sensation for both of you. They also transmit heat better than latex. With a higher heat conductivity comes added sensation and warmth to make the feeling for both of you as close as possible to a naked penis. They also don’t have that distinct latex smell we all recognise, and some of you say they feel softer and more elastic than their latex brother, again adding to that natural real feeling.

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