Balancing Your Bros and Your Boo

Find balance between bromance and romance.

Balancing Your Bros and Your Boo

By: Kat George

Your bros and your boo are equally as important in your life, and why shouldn't they be? They both fulfill you in different ways, from beer and sports to a cuddle session on the couch, so both deserve to have time allocated to them equally. It can be tough, though, to find balance when you're trying to keep everyone happy. The good news is, you can – especially if you're willing to let your worlds collide.

Communicate Openly With Everyone

The best start to balancing bromance and romance is communication. Be honest with your friends about wanting to spend time with your lady, and vice versa. This way you can be clear and avoid any miscommunication. You'll also make everyone feel like they're included in your decisions, which in turn will make them more understanding.

Know When to Prioritize Who

If it's your anniversary with your girlfriend, don't plan to join in on boy's night. Likewise, if it's your best friend's birthday, don't promise your girlfriend a romantic dinner. On important occasions you will have to choose one or the other – but hey, that's how you show you really care and are paying attention. When you do take part in a guy's night out, get brownie points by gifting her a Durex Play Delight Intimate Massager® to help keep your lady busy. You probably can't do the same for your buddies, so you might have to settle for buying a round the next time you're out.

Bring Them Together

You might think it's best to keep your friends and your girlfriend separate, but introducing them and encouraging them to get along can actually be far more rewarding. For starters, you can all hang out together. And if you're serious about keeping your lady in your life for the long haul, their mutual appreciation of each other will make your social life more fulfilling and easier to manage. Organize a pool party, or head to karaoke for some drinks and jams to break the ice.

Set Up Her Friends With Your Friends

If you want to take your social integration one step further, set up some of her single friends with your single friends. It's a great way for both you and your partner to include your single friends, who – let's face it – are probably at least a bit jealous of your sizzling relationship anyway. When everyone is distracted with a new love interest, the whole team is happy. Plus, you've got the added bonus of being able to go on double dates or hang out as one big group – rather than dividing your time.



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