A Gentleman's Guide to Hooking Up

Hooking up may be casual but it doesn't have to be thoughtless.

A Gentleman's Guide to Hooking Up

By: Natasha Burton

Hooking up is a way for people who aren't ready for anything serious to have a little fun, play the field and satisfy their immediate wants and desires. But even if you want to keep things casual, you still need to treat your "hook-up" right. While being rude or inappropriate is never acceptable, also keep in mind that the more gentlemanly you are, the greater your chances of the two of you hooking up again.

Make Your Hook-Up Feel Comfortable

If you go back to your hook-up's place, break the ice by saying something nice about it – maybe it's in an awesome location or you love the fact that there's a killer sound system. Genuine compliments always put people at ease, plus they can be a great gateway into conversation. You might find that you share common interests, likes or dislikes, which can create some sparks, make your connection stronger – and lead to a more satisfying experience for both of you. 

If you know there's a chance you might bring a guest to your place, tidy things up before you go out. And have a variety of snacks on hand so you can be a good host. Once you escort your hook-up inside, strike up a conversation to get to know your guest a little better. Ask about music preferences so you can turn up some background music that your hook-up will like and maybe even learn about breakfast choices if you think your guest will be spending the night. Skip any comments about how this is only a hook-up or how you don't do relationships. Making your hook-up feel safe, respected and relaxed will make for a better time all around.

Always Suit Up

Part of being an upstanding guy is being safe in the bedroom. Be sure to wear a condom when you're hooking up – and always keep one on you so you're never in a situation where you're unprepared. Condoms, when used according to the on-pack directions, can help protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancy, and they're a crucial part of safe, respectful hook-ups.

To make sure you're always prepared, get a Durex® Pleasure Pack®, which includes various types of condoms that will come in handy no matter what the situation. You can choose from Performax® Intensecondoms, which have a delay lubricant, Intense Sensation™ condoms with studs for extra stimulations, super thin Extra Sensitive™ condoms or Tropical® Flavor condoms for those times you want something a little exotic.

Acknowledge Morning-After Awkwardness

If it's your first time hooking up with someone, you both might feel a little unnerved in the morning when you wake up together. You might be embarrassed about your (likely) stale breath, any funny noises you might have made in your sleep, or just the fact that, hey, you woke up in a bed that's not yours! Combat those emotions by making light of the situation – jokingly ask for some mouthwash or wonder aloud how you got into some stranger's room. Doing this will put you both at ease.

Also, be sure to keep excuses to a minimum. You might be ready to get back to your own place – or super eager to have your hook-up leave yours – but kindness is key to exit like a gentleman or ask your hook-up buddy to let you have your place to yourself. Excuses about having a "ton of work" on a Sunday usually sound less than genuine. Instead, say something about how much fun you had or that you're glad you two met. And, of course, if you say you'll call, call.

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