TOP 9 Cold Weather Sex Positions

"Unleash your passion and ignite the sparks."

Leave your fleecy pajamas and set the hot tea aside for a wild night of passion. Brave the cold this winter with these scorching 10 winter sex positions, guaranteed to raise you and your partner’s temperature.


Give missionary a revamp. Lie back on a bed or table, while your partner steps in between your feet and raises your hips with their hands before entering you. For added comfort and depth, add pillows underneath your lower back for a thrilling sensation. This position has the perfect blend of deep penetration and cosiness to help turn up the heat between you and your partner.


Looking for something less strenuous? This position is perfect for you. Build your mountain with a stack of pillows and lean forward over it. Your partner will kneel behind you with their legs on the outside of yours as they penetrate you from behind. Feel the ultimate sensation with Durex’s Play Feel lube and experience an intense sensual experience.


For the adventurous couple, let this position spice up your lives in more ways than one. Stand in front of your partner and lean over and rest your arms on the edge of a chair or bed. Bend your knees as your partner enters you from behind and use the support of the chair or bed to hold you up. Increase the level of your pleasure, by using a vibrator for added stimulation to your clitoris.


Want to increase your level of intimacy? This position is great for bringing you the ultimate closeness. Your partner should lay back, while you lay on top of them with your legs together. While they penetrate you, begin to rub up and down their body. Not only is this position pretty easy to master, but you’ll be surprised at how much tighter you’ll feel.


You and your partner should both lie in a missionary position, however your partner’s thighs should be straddled over yours. While they enter you, your partner will elevate one of your legs onto their shoulders as they thrust deeper. Your hands should be free to touch and tease them as you please. For more pleasure, add a penis ring and experience sensations that are sure to spark more fun and excitement to your evening.


Have your partner lay on their side, while you lay next to them with your legs facing their head. Now bend your legs at the knees and sandwich their legs. As your partner penetrates you using their elbows to support their body, enjoy the opportunity to further increase your pleasure by caressing your breasts and lower back with your partners hands.


Get into a partial bridge position with your weight resting on your shoulders. Have your partner stand in front of you and enter you from the kneeling position. This position allows your partner easy access to stimulate your clitoris while massaging your inner thighs. For added bonus, throw one leg up against his shoulder for deeper penetration and enjoy the unlimited sensations.


Your partner should be sat at the edge of the bed or on a sturdy chair with their legs spread slightly apart. You should sit on top of them facing away with your legs closely together. Let your partner use their arms to help regulate the pace and intensity of their thrusts as you achieve a more intense orgasm.



Unleash your passion and ignite the sparks. Have your partner lay on their back with their legs spread apart. Sit between their thighs as they grip your hips to guide you onto them. In this position, your partner sets the rhythm as your hands are free to roam over your breasts or their chest for the ultimate sensation.


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