Sex Positions to Make Him Last Longer

It’s a pretty widely accepted truth that women can take much longer to reach orgasm than men. In fact, some studies have suggested that the average man can climax in 5 minutes while it can take the average woman up to 20 minutes, or longer. However, there are some strategic positions to keep him going for longer. Here are just some of the best positions to try with your partner.


This can be a very romantic position – you are face to face so it’s perfect for lots of kissing and eye contact, which creates much more intimacy. In this position, your partner sits on the bed cross-legged while you lower yourself onto his lap, wrapping your arms and legs around his neck and back. While there can be deep penetration, the movement itself has to stay at a calm and steady tempo which is ideal for stopping him getting overly excited and rushing things. If you think he might climax soon, slow things right down and that may be able to delay him for some time.


In this position your partner should lie on his side facing you. You then lie on your back at 90 degrees to him, draping your legs over his hips. This position delays arousal because he is unable to move as easily as he is in other positions – he is only really able to move backwards and forwards while holding on to your thighs. As before, having limited motion means he can’t get too carried away and climax too quickly.


Many men find that they are better able to control themselves and last longer in this position. Here the man and woman both lie on their sides, facing the same direction and close together. The man’s pelvis is slightly lower than the woman’s, while she bends forward slightly from the hip, lifting her leg slightly to let him enter her. It has a far gentler pace and shallower penetration – it’s more of a grinding action rather than thrusting – so again, he can’t get too excited too soon. This is also an intimate position, and perfect if you are both feeling tired – great for slow, lazy Sunday morning sex!


This position, also known simply as girl on top, is where the man lies on his back and the woman is on top looking towards him. This is another good option to keep things going much longer. The woman is in charge of the pace and penetration so she can keep things slow and steady and in sync with her. For the man, there is much less thrusting involved and, even where there is, upward thrusting causes far less sensitivity to the penis, meaning the final climax will take much longer.


Ok, so not technically a ‘position’, however the importance of good foreplay is crucial in making him last much longer. Successful foreplay before having sex makes it much harder for a man to climax quickly – essentially it means you can have sex without the “loaded gun”. This way, your partner’s arousal can be built up again gradually, but at a pace that is much more in line with yours. For a pleasurable night, add a pleasure set toy our lovemaking and enjoy a thrilling night.

So the moral of the story is this: when it comes to long-lasting sex, slow and steady wins the race every time!

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