Creative Sex Positions to Try Wherever

Getting bored with your standard sex positions or looking to try something new tonight? These creative sex positions are perfect for you to try out every day no matter where you decide to get it on. Whether you and your girlfriend have been together for a long time or you want to impress the girl you just started dating, here are 4 creative sex positions that are sure to add some fun to your night.


Not going to be able to reach the bed in time or looking to add some adventure to your intimate sessions? Try this position that will have her climbing the walls…or the stairs, whichever one you prefer. Begin by having your partner kneel in front of you at the landing of a staircase as she leans forwards with her back towards yours. Grab her hips as you enter her but make sure to hold onto one side of the banister for additional support. While you are thrusting, this position allows you access to her G-spot as she is angled at a unique upward tilt. For a more intense feeling that will have you both begging for more, have her bear down on you so that her butt meshes super snug to your groin or have her reach through her legs to grope your testicles as you pump in and out.


Whether you are looking for some backseat action or wanting to take your outdoor loving to the next level, this position is sure to rev her up. Choose a flat surface or a bed to ensure that you both are comfortable. Have her lay on her back with her knees up to your chin, kneel in front of her as you enter her slowly. For extra leverage, grab hold of her butt as you lift her slowly towards you as you thrust more deeply in her. Not only does position give you a great birds eye view of her breasts, it allows you a little lip action so lick, suck and nibble away.


Feeling impulsive and creative? Begin by lying on your back with your legs together and your arms at your side while your partner straddles you with her knees to other side of you. As she fully lowers herself onto you, have her slowly stretch her legs out so that she’s lying straight on top of you. Once she is comfortably in place, have her grasp her hands onto your arms as she slowly lifts herself up and down. For added leverage, flex your feet so that she can push against them with her toes. Not only does this position allow you both to move slowly simultaneously, you can apply lube onto the clitoris to further stimulate her while both your skin heats things up.


On those cold wintery nights when you and your partner are looking for something to do, dive into this position that is sure to have her coming back for more. Begin by having her sit on the edge of the bed, couch or two chairs with her legs spread wide. Stand in front of her with your knees bended slightly so you can easily enter her. Have her lean backwards with her hands supporting as you thrust in and out of her. Not only will this provide more stability for her, you get an amazing view of her breasts bobbing up and down as you enter her. All that frontal friction will hit her G-spot, ensuring that you both are satisfied. To dial things up a bit more, you can get some hands-on-action by slowing things down and massaging her nipples with your fingers or paying extra attention to her clitoris with your fingers. Whatever you choose, both of you will enjoy it.

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