If your partner’s penis is on the smaller side, or you find it hard to orgasm from penetration alone; then you might be looking for ways to maximize the depth you receive during sex to help bring you closer to climax. One way to get a fuller feeling during sex with your partner is to opt for sexual positions, which allow for deeper penetration. Try these 5 sex positions to help maximize your partner’s penis length to help hit that all important G-spot.


This is a modified version of the missionary position, so the trick is to start in missionary, with the man on top. However, once he is inside, raise your legs up one at a time, so that they are resting on the man’s shoulders. This creates a new angle for the man to penetrate, which should result in a much deeper sensation for you. It might be helpful to use some lubrication the first few times to help with the new angle.


A favorite for many couples, this position involves you getting on all fours in a table top position, with your legs spread apart. The man then kneels close behind as he enters you, making sure to hold your waist to provide extra support for you both. The right angle of your body allows for intimate penetration, and the free-ness of the man’s hands means that he can also use a vibrator at the same time to stimulate your clitoris, should you want it.


A reversed version of The Cowgirl, sees the man lying flat with you on top of him. Instead of facing forward, you should switch around so that you are facing towards his legs before you straddle him. The man’s penis, therefore, is pointed towards the back of your vagina, allowing for maximum penetration all the way from the base of his penis. This allows you to control the speed and depth of movement, while giving you maximum domination.


The Lap Dance is best performed on a high-backed chair – either an office chair or kitchen chair would be perfect. The man should sit down with his legs slightly apart, while you straddle him slowly lowering yourself down onto his erection, while controlling the thrusts from above. If you’re flexible, you can opt for a modified version, which has you raising your legs over your partner’s shoulders – allowing for a supercharged thrust and maximum vaginal stimulation. However, this should only be performed if you feel your partner (and chair) is strong enough to support your full body weight.


Not only is the bridge a great yoga position aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor, it’s also a great sex position, allowing for the perfect G-spot stimulation. The trick is to start in missionary position with the woman’s legs narrower than usual, at either side of her partner’s legs. Once inside, you should squeeze your butt together and lift your hips off the bed so that your hips are raised up high. This will help the man to thrust closer and deeper, bringing your two bodies together and working in a perfect orgasm-reaching rhythm.


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