Why Do Men Find an Hourglass Shape Sexy?

Curves make a woman completely irresistible – even on a biological level.

Why Do Men Find an Hourglass Shape Sexy?

By: Natasha Burton

From shapely Renaissance sculptures and paintings by the masters that accentuated womanly curves, to modern song lyrics that proclaim the perfection of 36-24-36 measurements, the hourglass figure has gotten a lot of love over the centuries. When it comes to what men find sexy, curves are preferable for reasons you might not even realize.

Curves for Life

In terms of survival and biology, an hourglass figure signals that a woman is healthy and fertile – and that she can help a man carry on the human race. A love of curves is so ingrained in men that, according to research by psychologist Devendra Singh and cognitive neuroscientist Steven Platek, when guys see a curvy woman, the pleasure centers in their brains light up – much like how they would if they were high on drugs.

Curves Matter

Yes, curves usually mean ample padding in all the right places, but it's not just about the size of a woman's breasts or butt that turns a man on. In fact, a study, published online in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior in March 2015, indicates that it's actually the optimal spinal angle that gets guys going. More than anything else, the 45.5-degree spine curvature is what men find most attractive about women who have hourglass figures because it accentuates those key body parts.

Classically Sexy Curves

Think of some of the most iconic bombshell women in history – like Venus, Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. What do they all have in common? Easy answer: Serious curves. While beauty and fashion fads come and go, these women's fine figures endure. Guys today are still drawn to the body shape that men for centuries have found sexy.

Curves Are a Win-Win

A curvy body indicates a fully blossomed mature woman – as opposed to a girl – which men find attractive. But also keep in mind that while curves are a sign of sexual maturity, they can also make women look more youthful – as well as fruitful. An hourglass figure, and the extra padding that can come with it, makes a curvy woman's skin appear taut, rather than saggy and wrinkly.

Vive La Différence

An hourglass figure is about as far removed from the ideal man's physique as you can get, which is another reason guys are drawn to curves. Whereas a hot guy is typically hard and angular with a clear V-taper, women with the classic hourglass shape have soft curves. And you and your partner can celebrate those soft, sensual curves with an intimate massage using Durex® Massage & Play Sensual massage gel.


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