Female Orgasm

Fill her body and brain with pleasure.

Female Orgasm

By: August McLaughlin

While the female orgasm can vary from woman to woman, it tends to be a full-body experience. During arousal, a woman's pulse increases and blood rushes to her clitoris and pelvis area, stimulating swelling, sensitivity and wetness — setting the stage for an earth-moving experience. There's a lot more to sex than an orgasm, but it's called the “big O” for good reason.

Muscle Magic

Contractions don't happen just during childbirth — and not all spasms are bothersome. In fact, both occur during a woman's orgasm. Muscles contracting in the vagina, uterus, butt and the floor of the pelvis send a series of intense waves of scintillating pleasure throughout the body. And most women have between one and 12 contractions per orgasm, each lasting about a second.

Ravishing Release

During arousal, a woman experiences warm and tingly sensations from the top of her head to the very tips of her toes, but the “big O” is actually all about the release and letting go. The nerve and muscle tension that builds up during foreplay releases at once — like the "wheeeee!" part of a roller coaster ride. Depending on the strength of the orgasm, it can last a few seconds or up to a minute.

Bodacious Brain Chemicals

Keep in mind that orgasm isn't just about the body; the brain plays a big part, too. When a woman orgasms, the feel-good chemical oxytocin — aka, the "cuddle hormone" — floods her brain. While this happens to guys, too, a woman's oxytocin tends to be more potent. As a result, she may want to snuggle for a while following sex, whereas a man may feel inclined to snooze straight away. Studies also indicate that during orgasm, women experience decreased activity in areas of the brain that help monitor anxiety and fear, which is why researchers believe that women often need to feel safe and relaxed to climax, while this isn't as important to men.

Tantalizing Tips

For stronger orgasms, a woman can work to strengthen her pelvic muscles that contract during an orgasm by doing kegel exercises. Plentiful foreplay and stimulating her clitoris during sex can also help. While oral stimulation can really push a woman over the edge, you can also massage her with your fingers or use theDurex® Play® Ring of Bliss. For increased pleasure, try a quality lube, too, like Durex® Massage & Play Intensify.


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