Can Sexual Activities Help You Burn Calories?

You may be shocked at what researchers found.

Can Sexual Activities Help You Burn Calories?

By: Zoey LeBlanc                                                 

Everyone’s a comedian – at least when it comes to the question of how many calories you burn between the sheets. Putting on a condom takes six calories with an erection, and 315 calories without, notes one online funny manThere’s an element of truth in this goofing around – to light your calorie fire during sex, you’ll have to up your rambunctiousness in the boudoir.

Quickies Won’t Work

It’s eye opening how little energy plain-vanilla lovemaking takes – in fact, according to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, so-called “sexercise” may only burn about 14 calories more than just watching TV. The same study found that a man weighing 154 pounds would burn about 3.5 calories per minute of sex – and that with the average time of intercourse falling at just six minutes, the total calories burned equals a paltry 21. In fact, your foreplay – the hugging and kissing – rate at just 0 calories, according to Calorie Lab.

Length – of Time – Matters

Your burn will naturally be higher if you weigh more, or if you increase the intensity and length of your sexy-time sessions. To illustrate, a study of healthy couples in Montreal, ages 25 and under, found somewhat longer sessions than the NEJM survey. 

In the heart of French Canada, the sexy youngsters, in relationships from eight to 18 months in duration, got their burn on:

  • Participants spent an average of 25 minutes having sex, with a range from 10 to 57 minutes.
  • Men burned an average of 101 calories, or 4.1 a minute.
  • Women burned an average of 69 calories, or 3.1 a minute.

For men and women, calorie burn was around triple for comparable times on the treadmill – but significantly, all the women and 97.5 percent of the men rated sex as more pleasant, suggesting that even if they're not a calorie rocket burner, bedroom romps can provide gain without pain.

If you are going for a longer encounter, you can keep some lube handy to keep both of you comfortable and unhurried. And if you want to slow down so you can keep things going, the Performax Intense condom® by Durex includes a delaying lubricant.

Staking Your Position

As we’ve established earlier, a regular romp in the sack burns 3.5 calories per minute – nothing close to what you can burn during vigorous exercise. If you want to burn more while you go at it,Fitness Magazinesuggests attempting more vigorous positions and changes from one position to another, and engage your core to perform ultra-rapid or extended pumping to boost your heart rate – and calorie burn. Women can get a fantastic workout in the cowgirl position, sitting on their partner, while men engage the kinetic chain of the entire back of the body in the standing position.

Workouts for Lovers

You can also focus on exercises that get you in better shape for sex and do a better job of helping you achieve fitness. Pushups and the plank are tailor-made for lovers, given how they mimic basic positions. Add in an exemplary core exercise – Ace Fitness suggests bicycle crunches to fit the bill.

Estimating Your Burn

You can measure your level of exertion by the talk test. If you can talk, but not sing, you’re engaged in moderate activity. If you can barely get out a few words during hot sex – endearments punctuated by gasps – you’re engaged in “vigorous” activity. Well done! If you want an intriguingly specific take on how much you sizzle during sex, wear a fitness tracker. A writer for Gizmodo burned a respectable 179 calories, according to his wristband movement tracker.




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