5 Simple Tips for a Happy Relationship

Happiness is right around the corner.

5 Simple Tips for a Happy Relationship

By: August McLaughlin

It would be nice if happiness in a relationship were a given, but it usually takes work to maintain over time. Luckily, small efforts can go a long way in ensuring your mutual bliss. Prioritize newness, individuality and intimacy for a stronger, happier partnership.

Keep Conversations Going

Happy couples check in with each other regularly, according to the American Psychological Association. Make time every day to connect verbally without distractions, such as cell phones or TV. Spend at least a few minutes discussing personal or deeper issues – going beyond what you did that day or household necessities. When you're both busy, make quick calls and send text messages.

Plan Dates

No matter how long you've been together, dates are important for staying happy and connected. Make time for romantic dinners, hikes or afternoons at the movies to keep busy schedules from drawing you apart emotionally. Take turns planning dates or brainstorm fun outings together. Add dates to your calendar in advance to keep other obligations from interfering.

Make It Fresh

Novelty helps keep those love hormones flowing in your brain. Rather than stick to the same old restaurants, scope out ones you haven’t already tried. Learn something new together by taking an art, fitness or cooking class. Surprise each other with small gifts or gestures, such as breakfast in bed – do it "just because" instead of waiting for a special holiday.

Respect Individuality

While togetherness is an important element of any strong relationship, the happiest couples respect each other's individuality as well, says Deborah Hecker, Ph.D. Pursue your own interests, while supporting your partner's passions. Not only will you both feel more gratified, but you'll have more to discuss when you're together.

Prioritize Physical Intimacy

Staying connected sexually is a vital ingredient for a happy relationship. Make time for physical intimacy. Kiss deeply. Hold hands. Talk about your sexual fantasies. When you make love, prioritize foreplay – both giving and receiving pleasure. Look into each other's eyes for heightened closeness and be responsive when something feels good. To spice things up, introduce a new toy, such as a couple's vibrator. See your sex life as an ever-unfolding adventure.


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