The Best Sex Positions for Shy People

While some may think the key to great sex is complicated pretzel-like positions, most people tend to shy away from bold movements in the bedroom. Ultimately sex is about love and intimacy, so while sex positions are part of the fun, the real pay-off is being able to be comfortable and fully connected with your partner.

When it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom; if you tend to be a bit bashful between the sheets, here are 5 sex positions that are perfect for you.

Comfy Missionary

Don’t want all the attention focused on you? No problem. This position allows you and your partner to embrace each other without all the hassle. Have her begin on the bed and lie on her back as you climb on top of her. As you both move to your own pace, create the perfect thrilling sensations. For an even stronger sensation, have you and your partner change the angles of your legs while maintaining a deep connection with extended eye contact.


Create more intimacy with your partner in this cosy position. Have both of you lie on your sides, facing the same direction. Bring your knees up slightly as your partner slides up behind you and enters you from behind. For the ultimate heightened sensation, try Durex Play Tingling lube and enjoy the skin-to-skin contact and increased stimulation you’ll both crave.Reverse Spoon

Experience the added benefit of gazing into your partners eyes with the full-body connection you desire. Similar to ‘Side by Side’, have your partner lay on her side with her knees bent and folded in towards her chest. Then lay on your side behind her, but in a position where your feet are now behind her head. As you enters her, maintain eye contact for an enhanced sensation.


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