Need the Luck of the Irish? 5 Tips to Build a Stronger Relationship

Need a little luck in the love department? Creating a strong relationship with your partner takes time, attention and energy to build, maintain and nurture. Here are 5 ways to build a stronger bond in your relationship with your partner.

Create a ritual

Whether it’s seeing a weekly film or trying something completely new, spending more time together not only updates you on your partner’s likes and dislikes, but helps create a rock-solid relationship that leads to a more satisfying relationship. If you feel like you’ve been out of sync lately with your partner, share with your partner some of the interests that you have or want to do together and find ways to work towards that aspiration together.

Show affection

Let your partner know how much you fancy them by showing affection through kisses and cuddles. Being affectionate towards each other not only improves confidence in yourself but your relationship. When your sex life becomes a bit routine, adding spice back into the bedroom can make for more thrilling sex for both of you. Try Durex Paradise pleasure set for an intense intimate session.

Being affectionate towards each other not only improves confidence in yourself but your relationship.

Be open

The key into creating a strong bond is practising open and honest communication within the relationship. Don’t be afraid to be completely open and honest as this will help strengthen your communication skills for a healthier and stronger partnership. Listening and encouraging each other to be more open can enhance your relationship in many ways. So don’t hold back on your thoughts and feelings as there are no downsides to listening.

Appreciate each other

When you first started dating, do you remember how you two went out of your way to impress each other? Whether it was an impromptu date or a special gift, continuing to actively appreciate you partner can lead to a long, fulfilling relationship. Don’t worry about having to outdo yourself, regular efforts of appreciation will strengthen your bond and increase intimacy for your and your partner. If you’re unsure where to start, try giving out daily compliments. Tell them that they look great or thank them for helping you out, whatever it is, make sure that you genuinely mean what you say.

Have date nights

Date night is a great way to stay connected to your partner while you two carve out quality alone time. Whether it’s going to your favourite restaurant or checking out your local band; date nights allows you to focus on each other and gives you both the chance to dress up for one another. Not only does this reignite the attraction you initially had in the beginning of your relationship, but it can boost the confidence you have in each other.


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