How To Experiment With Condoms: What Should I try?

Spice up your sex life with condoms

Condoms are a crucial part of safe sex – but they are also an easy way for couples to spice up their sex life and achieve deeper sensations and perhaps even better orgasms.

If you’re ready to start experimenting with the different varieties of condoms which are available, but don’t quite know where to start, then this guide is the perfect resource.


Condoms don’t just differ by size and style, they also come in different thicknesses. The type you prefer will depend on the sort of experience you are trying to achieve and Extra Safe condoms are perfect for those who want added reassurance without sacrificing comfort.

At the other end of the scale are thinner condoms which are designed to enhance natural feelings and ensure that you get that intimate skin-on-skin touch you desire. Thin Feel condoms offer a smoother feel during sex while Ultra Thin Feel condoms are super-fine to touch and use Sensi-fit for added sensitivity.

Real Feel condoms use a technologically advanced non-latex material for the most authentic experience while Intimate Feel condoms use a super fine material and extra lubricant to heighten every feeling.


As touched upon by Real Feel condoms, there are also different materials which you can experiment with when using condoms. The main two options are latex and latex-free but it’s important to remember that latex-free condoms are not just for those with allergies – they can also offer heightened experiences and sensitivity.


After experimenting with the material, the next step is to experiment with the style of condom. Not all designs are the same and for those who want to practice safe sex and get ultimate enjoyment textured condoms are a great choice.

These use raised surfaces and different styles to offer ultimate satisfaction to users. The two main options are ribbed condoms and dotted condoms but you can also buy ones which contain both ribs and dots.

Ribbed and dotted varieties like Pleasure Me and Mutual Climax are designed to enhance stimulation for both partners with the latter also containing Performa lubricant to ensure your man doesn’t get ahead of the game.

Dotted varieties such as Excite Me and Tickle Me increase stimulation to make great sex better and offer a more intense experience than smooth condoms.


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