6 Habits of Healthy Couples in Strong and Healthy Relationships

Showing repeated affection

Greeting your other half with a kiss, hug or tender touch on a consistent basis can be a loving trait that can help connect you and your partner throughout the day. Frequent exchanges of affection can help reduce stress and depression by releasing the hormone oxytocin, while improving intimacy. As physical touch has many health benefits for you and your partner, showing affection can help strengthen the romance in your relationship while helping to resolve conflicts. Whilst some people may not feel comfortable displaying varying degrees of affection, non-sexual physical affection such as back rubbing or hugs can play an important role in creating a bond between and your partner.

Keep in touch throughout the day

Despite having busy schedules, staying connected with your partner can be beneficial in re-affirming your connection with one another. It can be as simple as sending a loving text during your lunch break, or giving your partner a call on your way home. Keeping an open line of communication throughout the day can help boost your level of communication and improve emotional ties. A study published in Psychological Science1, found that couples felt closer when they shared experiences they had in common.

They know how to disagree

Disagreeing or arguing with your partner isn’t unhealthy in a relationship, it’s normal to not agree on everything. However, learning how to work through your disagreement as a couple can determine the health of your relationship. Learning how to forgive and forget can be a great way for couples to develop and grow a deeper bond. Allowing issues in the relationship to build over a period of time can be detrimental, causing a rift between you and your partner. If you and your partner can respect one another feelings, while allowing one another to express their concerns and frustrations, you two should be fine.

Maintaining an active sex life

Although sex isn’t the only form of physical expression, it is a great way to physically express your love and desire to one another. Creating time to connect sexually and adhere to one another’s needs is a very important aspect in a relationship. Becoming intimate with each other is not only pleasurable, but helps create trust, comfort and closeness with your significant other. To get the most of your intimate moments, adding a sensual massage to your bedroom routine is a great way to show appreciation for one another. Not only is it important to feel attracted to your partner, engaging in regular intimacy can be a great way of showing your partner you care about them physically and emotionally.

Working Towards a Goal

Having a goal to work towards as a couple, whether it’s big or small will not only create a deeper connection between the two of you, but creates an opportunity to show how you support each other. Whether this be a something such as helping each other shed a few pounds, to budgeting to buy a house – it’s important that you give yourselves something to work towards, and this will create an even tighter bond.

Do Chores Together

Household chores aren’t appealing to most, however. by making your chores a joint task, you can help eliminate the amount of time spent cleaning, and the resentment you feel towards your other half when having to nag them to do their fair share of housework. Try getting into the habit of discussing who is responsible for what chores, and try to be flexible around which ones can be done and when. Doing chores together can help build trust and closeness, which can help lead to even more intimate moments between you and your partner.

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