5 Signs You Know You’re Ready to Move in Together

Moving in with your partner is a big step, no matter how madly in love you are with them! You don’t want to rush into it and end up spoiling the relationship you are having, which has so far been perfect. However, on the other hand, you could be missing out on something really special that could be even more amazing once you are living in the same home. Whether you just started a new relationship or been with your partner for a while, here are 5 sure signs that signal you are ready to take the plunge and move in together.

1. You spend more time in his bed than yours

If your housemate texts you saying that she misses you, then chances are that you are spending more time in your partner’s home than your own! In every relationship, there will always be a favourite place to hang out (either theirs or yours) and you will find yourself spending at least 80% of your relationship in that place, even after the initial honeymoon period is over. If you enjoy sleeping in the same bed and don’t find each other’s sleeping habits a problem, then you’re probably well suited to be permanent bed partners.

2. You enjoy doing nothing together

Most couples find that once they move in together, their social life tends to slow down slightly and they probably spend more nights in than going out. However, that doesn’t mean that things have to get boring. If you and your partner are just as happy having a cosy night in than going out on the town, chances are you’ll be great roommates. The great thing about living together is the chance to see friends and family more, as you know that you will always get to see your partner at the end of the night anyway.

3. You’re a well-balanced team

One really important aspect of living together is to be equal in every sense, so that no partner feels like they are working harder than the other in the relationship. From cooking dinner, doing the dishes, to seducing your partner with a sensual massage; the art of keeping a great home relationship is playing fair and keeping things balanced. If you and your partner are accepting of each other’s strong points, as well as your not-so-strong points, then once you move in, you should be able to work around most things without constant bickering or tip-toeing around each other. Don’t expect everything to be perfect all of the time. It won’t be. Instead just accept that you may have to give up a few selfish habits in order to make it work.

4. Your open about your finances

It’s a fact that if you decide to move in together, then you’re going to be spending some time discussing rent, utility bills, and whose turn it is to pay the cleaner. The important thing is that both parties are open and honest when it comes to what they can afford, so that no issues arrive with payments later down the line. It’s not the most fun topic by any means, but if you are both organised and committed to getting your home finances in order, then it shouldn’t have to be such a big deal. If you are confident that you are both on the same wave length when it comes to money, then you should be just fine once you move in.

5. It just feels right

Despite the financial benefits and the home comforts that living with your partner might bring, there has to be something more when it comes to making your final decision. If you have mutual respect for each other, are best friends, and have a great sex life, then no doubt you will ‘just know’ that moving in is the perfect next step take. Even if friends or family try to warn you that it’s too soon, when it feels right, sometimes it’s just best to go with your instinct and take a leap of faith. And you know what they say; if you never try it, then you will never know!


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