4 Ways to Get an Olympic Body in the Bedroom

Want abs of steel and a sexy strong frame that will rival any Olympian? Being physically intimate with your partner is a great way of getting your body in shape while connecting with your partner. Target key muscles while spicing things up in the bedroom, with our 4 tips.

1. Be Innovative

Whether you’re going for the classic missionary or spicing things up doggy style, being creative is a great way of turning up the heat. Instead of going straight to the bed, why not take your lovemaking session to another part of the house. From the kitchen counter to the couch, you will have the opportunity to work several areas of the body all at once. Looking to tone your thighs, squat over your partner and move up and down for an incredible burn. Wanting to tone your midsection? Squeeze your core in doggy position and raise your hips to reach your partner for a sultry finish.

2. Reduce your stress

Stress not only affects you mentally but physically as well. Constant worrying and high stress levels can result in the body prioritising relaxation instead of passion. Healthy sex not only offers soothing effects, it can do wonders for getting that athlete body you truly want. High stress levels increases chemicals known as cortisol which helps store fat in the abdomen. To counter the effects, unwind with a romantic night in. Start with a hug or sensual kiss and build your way up to a sensual massage. Add a pleasure set to your night and deepen your connection with your partner.

3. Get plenty of rest

If you’re sleepy or not getting enough sleep, sex with your partner may be the last thing on your mind. Whether it’s from working late in the office or spending late nights watching television, getting plenty of sleep is a necessity. Just like any physical activity, sex requires a lot of movement and exertion for both you and your partner. Having a restful sleep not only gives you energy but can help you concentrate staying in the moment. To help you get in a restful state, aim at getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night for a more pleasurable love-making experience.

4. Try new positions

Lifting weights is not the only way to boost your strength, trying new sex positions can build muscles depending on how creative you both get. If you’re looking for a total body burn that will have your body fully engaged, try the bridge. Start in a seated position with your feet on the floor, lifting your chest and hips into a bridge. Keep wrists positioned directly below your shoulders and squeeze your bottom as your partner enters you. As this is not a position you can hold for very long, think of it a great interval workout for you and your partner.

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