4 Simple Ways to Dominate in the Bedroom

You might not have ever considered your role as a Dominatrix but why not try something new in the bedroom? If the thought of whips and chains put you off, there are some things that you can subtly try in the bedroom to show your domineering side. Here are 4 simple ways to dominate in the bedroom whilst simultaneously driving your man wild:

1. Dress in your sexiest outfit

Whether it’s red lace or black leather, make yourself feel amazing and seriously turn your man on by dressing up in your sexiest piece of lingerie your wardrobe has to offer. Not only will dressing up leave you feeling sexy and powerful, it will give you the confidence you need to get what you want between the sheets. Why not add a pair of your favorite high heels and sultry red lipstick for the ultimate Sex Goddess appeal he won’t resist.

2. Tease him

This is an ancient reverse psychology trick. If your man thinks for one minute that he might not be able to have you, then it will make him want you twice as much. Once dressed in your sexy lingerie, loosely tie his hands together with a ribbon or to the side of the bed frame. Undress him slowly and seductively, whilst gently blowing around his ear lobes. Remain silent and resist the temptation to kiss or touch his body, even if he asks for it. Continue to blow warm air from your mouth around his neck, chest and in between his thighs. The fact of not being able to touch or hold you, along with the blowing sensation and the sight of you in skimpy lingerie is bound to send him crazy. Not only will this turn you on but the sight of seeing him naked and vulnerable with his hands tied together will make you feel totally in control.

3. Tell him what you want

Most of the time we try to please our partners to ensure that they are enjoying sex and that they reach orgasm. However, this time it’s all about you! Talk to your lover before-hand about your fantasies and see if he is happy to try them out. Once you have the green light, you are free to let loose.

Whether you want him to perform oral sex on you for a prolonged period or introduce a new sex toy into the mix, let him know what turns you on and make your requests firm and sexy. Getting what you want will make you feel completely powerful and heading on the road to orgasm; and for him, hearing you demand “I want you to touch my breasts” or “I want to blindfold you now” is sure to make him as hard as a rock!

4. Get on top

One of the easiest ways to show a more dominant side to yourself is through a sex position where you are in control. Try swapping missionary (where your man is on top of you) to a position where you are on top of him. The Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl are great positions to try, giving you the perfect opportunity to straddle your partner from above while controlling movement, pace and depth of penetration. Another dominating position would be for you to straddle your man whilst he sits on a chair or sofa so that his movement is restricted; giving you the reigns to take charge of everything that happens next.

Remember, sex should be fun and enjoyable for the both of you; so make sure you are both completely comfortable with everything before you start.

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