What Women Really Think About Your Downstairs Grooming Habits

What she really thinks about your down-there hair

What Women Really Think About Your Downstairs Grooming Habits

By: Natasha Burton

The concept of "man-scaping" is a relatively recent phenomenon. (At least, it certainly seems that way – chances are, our cavemen predecessors didn't try to trim their downstairs hair with arrowheads back in the old days.) And since guys today aren't particularly apt to compare their grooming skills, most men are pretty much on their own when it comes to determining how to clean up their nether regions.

So, to give you some insider insight, here's what women think about your down-there hair, in its many forms. Let this be your guide for figuring out what man-scape route you want to take.

No Hair Can Be Sexy

Some guys opt for the completely bare look, which can be great for two reasons. First, it often makes your manhood look bigger – always a plus. Second, it creates a smooth surface – perfect for the 2-in-1 lubricants – during sex for your partner. However, for this look to work, you have to do a lot of upkeep. Down-there stubble can be downright painful (both for you and for your partner), so if you're not willing to shave or wax regularly, it's not the look for you.

Too Much Hair Is Not

On the flipside, having an unkempt man-jungle is always a bad idea. Yes, hair is there for a purpose, but when you've got a ton of it, the hairs can catch sweat and odor, which is far from sexy. Plus, on some guys, hair can overshadow your manhood, which is also not so hot. Keeping things au natural just kind of looks unkempt, and that's not the message you want to send a woman.

Keeping Things Trim Is Just Right

Finding a happy medium between no hair and too much hair is the ideal option. You'll please women who prefer some man-scaping, as well as women who enjoy some hair down there. It's a win-win for everyone. Plus, if you trim instead of shave your hair entirely, you won't have to deal with razor burn or stubble, which is a major plus.

It's Not Just About Your Pubic Hair

Remember that your downstairs hair also includes your inner thighs and the so-called "treasure trail." If you're grooming down there anyway, consider giving those areas a buzz too so they can be just as trim. This makes that whole section of your body look more attractive, for one, and it also shows your partner that you care enough to man-scape for her.


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