What Lube Should You Use?

Use the right lube at the right time.

By: Zoe Wilder

A woman loves a man who pays close attention to detail. After all, it's the little things in life that make the biggest impressions, especially when safety and pleasure are involved. So don't think that using latex-safe, fragrance-free, water-based lubricants by Durex® will go unnoticed, ensuring a smooth and natural experience that won't stain her lingerie. She'll notice, appreciate it and repay the favor.

Why and When

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is released when you connect with your partner. It strengthens bonds, increases trust and decreases fear. It's no wonder physical touch is at the top of your hierarchy of needs. You're scientifically wired to need hands-on connection, which is why setting the stage for a comfortable and pleasurable experience is so important. Whether you're decompressing or seducing, a bottle of lubricant should be by your side, anticipating your next sensual move.

A Little Rubdown

Stressful days happen. And when they do, the need to unwind crawls down your spine and permeates every nerve ending. As tension builds up, you'll crave release. That's where Durex® Massage & Play Soothing Touch comes in. Take turns gliding it on, working out the kinks in places you hold stress — think the shoulders and neck. Apply pressure to key points in your calves and feet. Don't forget the lower back and bottom. Deep breaths combined with massage will soothe frazzled nerves.

Warm Up With Foreplay

When you're both easing into a sexy mood, you'll want to apply Durex® Massage & Play Sensual, to your hands liberally and rub them together. Make sure they're warm before gliding your silky fingers across her inner thighs and inserting them inside of her. Then, apply some to yourself, kiss her deeply and take your time to build up the sexual tension before initiating sex.

Sizzle During Sex

You and your lover have been going at it for hours. And while you're not ready to slow down, you're feeling a little friction — and it's not the good kind. Don't worry. Sensitivity and dryness is normal, especially after long romps. Pull out, and apply Durex® Massage & Play Intensify to all intimate areas. It will keep the momentum grooving so you can continue your wild ride.


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