What Is Female Ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is a widely debated topic.

What Is Female Ejaculation?

By: Zoe Wilder

Female ejaculation, oftentimes referred to as squirting or gushing, is a widely debated topic. For centuries, everyone from philosophers to scientists have attempted to research and sway public opinion on the topic. The reality is not all women experience an obvious gush during climax, leaving researchers scratching their heads. Let’s get up to speed on what is known today about the elusive female ejaculation.

The Climax Debate

It's still heavily debated whether or not women are producing ejaculate in a manner similar to men or actually excreting urine during climax. While some women insist they are ejaculating and swear it's a far different sensation than peeing, other women insist it's pee and consider the act off-putting. This dichotomy may be attributed to social conditioning, as some women are embarrassed to ejaculate, feeling it's messy or socially frowned upon, while other women feel it's a perfectly normal – if not a revered – expression of sexual ecstasy.

Female Ejaculation Is Very Personal

When all is said and done, female ejaculation is not universally accepted as a proven outcome, leading it to being highly fetishized in society while simultaneously being a social taboo. Such a hot topic has lead to a wide range of opinions on the matter, making female ejaculation an incredibly personal issue. Love it or hate it, at this point it's up to a woman to decide what an orgasm and ejaculation mean to her.

Not All Women Experience Squirting

Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid by multiple ducts located around the urethra called para-urethral ducts, or Skene's glands – also referred to as the female prostate. It bears resemblance in function to the male prostate and responds to stimulation accordingly. Skene's glands create a fluid that lubricates the opening of the urethra. This fluid is secreted in varying amounts during or before a woman's orgasm. If there is enough fluid released, some women may experience squirting during sexual arousal. This is where much of the debate begins, as both the sheer volume and composition of the fluid are often confused with urination. It's a combination of thick ejaculate from the prostate combined with diluted urine.

More on Skene's Glands

Some women experience little to no visible excretion of fluid at all while simultaneously describing a sensation of release similar to urinating. It's quite possible the sensation, accompanied by fluid or not, is similar to the release described by men during male ejaculation. Skene's glands exist in women with a high degree of varying anatomy and can be difficult to find in some women. This explains why the experience of ejaculation varies greatly among women.

Enjoy an Orgasm

Experiencing ejaculation as a female can occur with varying degrees of fluid release alongside emotions ranging from wildly exciting and joyous, laborious and messy, or completely passé. Whatever the pleasure, it's important to be comfortable during sex and enjoy an orgasm for what it is: a completely mind-blowing, amazing and natural aspect of life. So grab your partner, bring your Play® Delight Intimate Massager, and get busy having fun!




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