What Foods Affect the Taste of Semen?

Changing your diet before sex may affect cum taste.


By: August McLaughlin

If blow jobs rank high on your list, you may want to think more about what you put in your mouth outside of the bedroom. While most of the evidence is anecdotal, experience convinces many folks that diet affects cum taste. Whether she spits or swallows,  “sweetening the pot” – if you will – can make the idea of the act  more palatable to your partner. Bonus: many of the foods that seem to enhance semen flavor are also good for you.

Sweet Fruits and Juices

Everyone's semen flavor is unique, but many people find cum bitter. If your partner is one of them, work fruit into your foreplay. Fruits like pineapple are believed to offset the bitterness. Also, the natural sugar in fruit sweetens sperm. For maximum perks, go for sweeter fruits, such as pineapple, bananas and oranges, and sweet juices, such as apple.

Animal versus Plant Protein

“Vegetarians taste better.” At least that's what experienced tasters, including former porn star Annie Sprinkle, say. Meat and dairy products are believed to make semen taste slightly more bitter. Eating mostly plants may also make your body odor more pleasant than meat-rich diets, and smell plays a huge role in taste. So cut back on bacon and burgers, and give tofu and lentils a try. Instead of beef patties, throw veggie burgers or Portobello mushrooms on the grill. And, avoid low-carb diets, which can cause ketosis – a condition that causes bad breath and stinky BO, among other side effects.

Garlic, Onions and Other Veggies

Garlic and onions enhance the flavor of countless foods and dishes, but they may not have such a savory effect on your semen. Since both foods can alter the smell – and probably flavor – of other bodily fluids, such as sweat, common sense says they may negatively influence the smell and taste of your cum, too.Garlic and onions also tend to produce strong odor in other body areas, which could be a buzzkill. Other veggies, with the possible exception of asparagus, may sweeten your man juice.

Tips and Tricks

To figure out which foods affect your semen taste and how, experiment. Cut back on meat and dairy for a while, for example, or sip a pineapple and berry smoothie before sexy play. If you've gotto have your steak and onion rings, have them – but cut back on portion sizes and frequency, especially before having sex. And, limit or avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, which can also worsen semen flavor. And remember, you can avoid all cum-bitterness downsides by using a flavored condom.




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