What Every Guy Should Do With His Tongue

4 Tips for Tantalizing the One You Love

By: Zoe Wilder

Not only does it have practical uses — eating, tasting and swallowing — your tongue can pack a powerful punch in the romantic department. Mastering the art of this body part is the key to turning her on. Are you a pro, or can you stand to learn a little more?

Sensual Linguistics

Seduction begins with the tongue. Before the clothes come off, your mouth is in action, dictating thoughts and romancing your partner. It begins with a compliment, telling her how lovely she looks when you pick her up. Throughout the evening, praise her, slowly building up sensual tension with sexy banter. Whisper in her ear, tell her how she makes you feel and end with telling her what you want to do to her. Be sincere, escalating your banter in response to her body language.

Frisky Foreplay

You've found some privacy under the cover of dim lights. Now is the time to lean in for a kiss. Start with a gentle kiss on the lips to gauge her responsiveness. If she is as into it as you are, move to the nape of her neck as you make your way to her earlobe. Don't be afraid to make out for hours. It’s an incredible turn on.

Crafty Cunnilingus

When performing oral sex, make sure you direct your attention to the clitoris. Then, make little figure eights around the region, stopping occasionally to read her body language. Apply soft kisses and licks to her skin. And remember, a little bit of tickle is OK, but to avoid an uncomfortable sensation, apply a little more pressure with your tongue.

All the Way

Keep some condoms on hand in case foreplay and oral sex leave you both wanting more. Now you are ready to go all the way. While in the act, remember to pause occasionally to reconnect — running your hands across her body, kissing her in all the right places. By the look on her face, you will know if you're doing it right.


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