What Actually Happens When She Climaxes

Orgasm causes shifts in her body, brain and emotions.

What Actually Happens When She Climaxes

By: August McLaughlin                                                                

While all women reach and experience an orgasm differently, the big O is called climaxing for a reason. Arousal builds up, then her body releases tension, kicking off frisky fireworks of sensation – which can rock her body, brain and spirits. Remember to communicate with your partner to learn how to bring her pleasure, and vice versa. Exploring together boosts intimacy and mutual satisfaction.

Bodacious Body Shifts

Orgasms are basically pleasurable reflexes. While your honey is getting turned on, blood flows to her genitals, making muscles tense up throughout her body. This is why she may arch her back while she's riding you. When she comes, she has rhythmic contractions –but not the kind that cause birthing pain. They happen in the lower part of her vagina, uterus, butt and pelvic floor, and release all kinds of feel-good chemicals in her brain and body.

Mind Over Matter

Her brain is where much of the magic happens. When she's about to climax, muscle tenseness in her body activates areas in the back and front of her brain. Then the tension releases – that yes, yes, YES! moment –  causing the release of oxytocin, a.k.a. the love hormone, and activating the brain area linked with pleasure and reward. Nothing else triggers as much brain activity besides epileptic seizures, according to Barry Komisaruk, PhD, renowned orgasm expert and researcher at Rutgers University. Luckily, this kind of activity feels good.

Emotions in Motion

Some women cry or even laugh with orgasm. But don't worry – she's not laughing at you! More likely, laughing and crying result from the tension release orgasm brings. And some folks call oxytocin the bonding hormone, according to sexual health educator Debby Herbenick, PhD, because it's believed to bring a sense of connectedness. In other words, if you're more inclined to cuddle up together post-climax, the other O may be the reason. Orgasm can also bring a sense of calm or excitement to you both.


If your partner leaves you in a puddle, it's not pee – though that's what was long believed about female ejaculate. Many sexual health experts believe that the liquid comes from the Skene's glands, found on the vagina wall. When the gland is pushed into the bladder while her muscles tense during orgasm, liquid may spill inside or outside of her body. Stimulating her G-spot encourages mega-pleasure and ejaculation. If she's interested in both, practice. Insert your fingers into her vagina and make the come here motion to find the G-spot – add a quality lubricant for added ease and pleasure.



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