Ways to Say Goodnight that Will Make Her Swoon

Romance her like she's never been romanced before.

By: Zoe Wilder

Women love romance. When you wine her, dine her and make her swoon, you're one step closer to unlocking her heart and her chastity belt. After an evening filled with laughs, smiles and tingly sensations, you've got one final chance to make a lasting impression. Get creative, be sincere and make it count. On your mark. Get set. Swoon.

Serenade Her

Over dinner you two talked for a good 30 minutes about her favorite musician. It just happens that you sang one of his songs at karaoke last week. So, as she’s making her way to the front door, bust out your singing chops. It doesn't matter if you sing off-key. If your heart is in harmony, her heart is going to skip a beat.

Kiss Her Goodnight

When done right, a goodnight kiss before you say goodbye will leave her weak in the knees and craving more. When you're dropping her off, stand face to face and look meaningfully into her eyes. Subtly smile, and after a short pause to allow tension to build, lean in for the kiss. It can be soft and light or lead to more. Either way, you've got her right where you want her.

Text or Call Her

After a successful evening together, a text or a quick call is sure to steal her heart. Don't drag it out. Be succinct and sincere. If the moment seems right, don't be afraid to drop a hint of sexual innuendo. A nice balance between innocent feelings and lustful thoughts will steer you in the right direction.

Surprise Her

Who doesn't love receiving a well thought-out present at the last minute? You've showered her with a meal at her favorite restaurant, tickets to her favorite show and a nightcap at her favorite lounge. Now, go the extra mile. As you're saying goodnight, pull a gift out of your pocket and place it in her hand. For some added drama, walk away.

Take Her Somewhere Romantic

On the way home from your date, swing by the nearest scenic location. A nearby beach, mountaintop or roof-deck will do. Hold her hand as you soak in the beauty of nature together. Bring a blanket for lounging. If you're wrapping up a daytime date, plan your arrival for sunset. If your evening is running late, plan your arrival for sunrise. Make it dramatic and special, and you're sure to make her swoon.

Seduce Her

Before you even go there, make sure you have a box of condoms close by. Now that you're prepared, feel out the mood. If she's sending you the signals, make sure you send them back. Let your fingers linger on her legs a few moments longer. Embrace her while your hands wander down her lower back. Then, gently tell her what you want to do to her. She'll be putty in your hands.


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