Things Worse Than Bad Breath

Don't let these turn-offs get in the way of romance.

By: Zoe Wilder

Have you ever leaned in to plant a kiss on your lover's lips, only to have her back away with a sour look on her face? It's embarrassing to say the least, but these five turn-offs are far worse than bad breath. Avoid them at all costs (and while you're at it, keep some mints handy too).

Flirting With Other Women

One of the quickest ways to cut your date short is to let your gaze wander, let alone flirt with another woman. It's just plain rude. Everyone wants to be with a partner who only has eyes for them. So if you see a naked stranger spread out on the beach before you, pretend she isn't there.

Refusing to Wear a Condom

Respect is the key to her heart—and her panties. By refusing to wear a condom, your chances of getting lucky are zilch. Plenty of condom choices are available to mix things up—pick your size, favorite flavor and level of sensitivity. Find the one that's right for you, and keep them around for close encounters.

Ignoring Her

Your lady wants to be the object of your desire. She wants to be acknowledged and made to feel special. Put the electronic devices down. Make eye contact. Engage in conversation. An attentive and connected partner means the world. Show her how important she is to you.

Being a Cheapskate

If you're bending over backwards to save a dime, you shouldn’t be taking your partner out. Don't sacrifice the comfort of your date because you're pinching pennies. This is the time to treat her like a lady—to impress her with your creativity and chivalry. You don’t need a five-star meal to make her heart sing. But if you’re offering to pick up the tab, you shouldn’t be concerned with the dollar amount.

Having a Bad Attitude

It's alright to think critically and be opinionated. In fact, these attributes can help keep the conversation interesting. But keep a watchful eye on your attitude—no one wants to spend the evening listening to you spout negativity. Don't complain too much or bulldoze over your date's ideas. A positive attitude will encourage her to spend more time with you.


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