Things to Know Before Vacationing With Your Partner

Preparation and the right mindset make the difference when going on vacay with your partner.

Things to Know Before Vacationing With Your Partner

By: Kat George

Sex and cocktails on an exotic beach sound enticing, and with good reason. Going on vacation with your partner is a big step in your relationship, and can be one of the most wonderful, bonding things you can do together. Traveling together means opening up your relationship to a whole host of new experiences – truth be told, it will have both sexy times and challenges.

Be prepared for the tricky parts that will inevitably come your way with a few essential reminders.

You’re Going to Learn Some Intimate Things

When you’re in close quarters with someone – whether it's being stuck on a long-haul flight or in a small hotel room – things are going to get intimate, and not always in the sexual way. There’s going to be bodily functions to deal with, especially in countries where you’re eating questionable food from street carts. You’ll also have more time, which means more long conversations about your pasts and your future hopes and dreams. And, you’ll learn eccentric things about one another, like who has an irrational fear of coins, or who needs their shoes organized a certain way by the door. All these things are essential for a close, long-term relationship, so embrace the learning curve.

There’s Going to be a Lot of Sex

Boy howdy is there going to be some sex! During your regular, everyday life, you might have different schedules, which can get in the way of impromptu sex. But when you’re on vacation and you’ve got nowhere to be, sex can happen unexpectedly. Whether you're caught in the rain or in a tiny dive bar where no one speaks English, there are thousands of hidden opportunities for vacation romance. With so many options for spontaneous romance, make sure you pack some condoms because you never know what mood will strike at the most unplanned time.

Sometimes You’ll Have to Just Roll With It

Vacations can be unpredictable. Tropical storms might hamper your beach plans. Cancelled flights might leave you a day behind. You’re going to have to be able to roll with the punches when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes, the most interesting adventures happen when your planned holiday throws you a curve ball, so embrace the bonding experience of a spontaneous vacation together.

You Might Get Sick of Each Other

It’s not as bad as it sounds. If you’re on a vacation with your partner, chances are it’s the first time you’ve spent a long stretch of time together. Little things might irk you, and that’s okay. Part of being in a happy relationship is learning how to deal with the other person’s troublesome quirks, and what better way to test your tolerance than on holiday! And when things are getting tense, you can always pull out your soothing massage oil and use it to give one another a relaxing massage – it may just help you remember why you’re on vacation together in the first place.


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