The Rules to Rebound Sex

Bounce back from a breakup quickly and respectfully.

The Rules to Rebound Sex

By: Zoe Wilder

When relationships end, it can mean broken hearts, wounded egos and unsatisfied libidos. This is where rebound sex steps in. You're full of emotions, maybe a little confused and yearning for someone to help fill the void. Seeking comfort in others is natural, but there are rules to rebounding – approach it the right way so that everyone wins.

Keep It Casual

Never rebound with your friend who's been crushing on you for years or an old ex who may have never gotten over you. That's a recipe for hurt feelings and a fractured friendship. Link up with someone outside of your immediate social circle. And when you meet someone who tickles your fancy, be upfront about where you are at in the moment. Be careful not to break someone's heart because you're hurting.

Be Discreet

Don't flaunt your new fling in front of your ex on purpose. This just causes unnecessary drama, which leads to more pain. If your ex may be stopping by to pick up her remaining things, don't leave your condom wrappers out for your ex to see. Avoid the spots you used to frequent together, and seek out different haunts to hang out in. It's a new chapter – embrace the change and respect your ex.

Make Pleasure Your Priority

You've been through a lot. Do your best to push through the pain and focus on finding pleasure with your new playmate. You deserve to feel good and let go of past baggage, even if it's only for an evening. Stay in the moment. Experiment with a new toy like the Durex® Play® Allure® Intimate Massager. Introduce a new, sexy position into the mix.

Mix Things Up

Do you find yourself attracted to a distinct type of person? Have your past few partners been conservative and soft spoken? Now's the time to break out of that pattern. Challenge yourself to meet an outgoing type who's different and adventurous. You may discover you're more attracted to the opposite of what you've been chasing all these years, making rebound sex steamier than ever.

Respect Your New Partner's Feelings

Post-break up, you're distracted and your emotions are chaotic. Don't let your etiquette game waver as a result. Mind your manners with your rebound partner. Show her the respect she deserves; she's more than a make-out buddy – she’s a person with feelings. Open doors for her. Compliment her dress. Be honest with her each step of the way. Playing by the rebound rules will ensure a fun experience for all.


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