The Rules for Texting and Dating

Texting etiquette made easy.

The Rules for Texting and Dating

By: Zoe Wilder

You're head over heels for a girl, and tempted to text her repeatedly. Stop! In your excited state, it may be difficult to gauge when and what messages you should be sending. But, armed with these few simple tips, you can bring success to your digital dating life.

Be Playful

Keep it light. Text a selfie from time to time so that your partner can swoon over you when you're not together. Love notes are also fun. Important information like directions to the party or instructions on how to prepare your favorite meal are text-worthy, too. But, reserve serious conversations for the telephone or in person. It's the polite – and more appropriate – thing to do.

Be Sexy

Flirtexting is a wonderful way to build up anticipation for your next hot date. Text compliments and drop the occasional sexual innuendo like, "I just picked up massage oil. I hope you are ready to be pampered tonight.” It's okay to send a sexy photo too, but keep it classy – opt for a subtle and creative approach.

Be Considerate

While we're all guilty of wanting instant gratification, reel in the desire and practice patience. Don't bombard your partner with silly texts when you know she's in the middle of a meeting. Don't be concerned if you didn't get a reply back right away. Everyone is busy juggling the craziness of life. And while staying connected is comforting, being glued to your cell phone is a nuisance. A little consideration for your partner goes a long way.

Be Mindful

When you text, it can be difficult to decipher your tone of voice and body language. So, exercise caution when conveying sarcasm or other humorous devices. Miscommunications are bound to happen from time to time, but by being mindful while texting, you'll spend less time squabbling and more time smooching.


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