The Do's and Don'ts of Tech and Your Relationship

Learn when to – and when to not – mix tech in your relationship

The Do's and Don'ts of Tech and Your Relationship

By: Natasha Burton


These days, most of us hold our smartphones more than we do our partners' hands – a side effect of how our entire lives have been essentially shrunk down onto a tiny, quite addicting-to-look-at screen. 

While there's nothing wrong with technology – in fact, it's pretty awesome for the most part – it can get in the way of what could otherwise be a romantic moment. So, to keep yourself from getting too entrenched into the digital world, try to keep these dos and don'ts in mind when you’re mixing love and tech.

Do: Find Love Online

When it comes to technological advances, online dating could be one of the most significant. With our busy lives and over-packed schedules, so many of us simply don't have time to meet someone the so-called "old-fashioned way" anymore. Looking for love online is a definite do because it takes the guesswork out of whether or not a person might be a good match for you – you can both see all kinds of information about each other right up front and make an informed decision about each other before you even go on a first date.

Don't: Scroll Through Your Phone During Dinner

Speaking of first dates … a major red flag is having your smartphone out and on the table when you're just getting to know someone. Actually, having your smartphone out and on the table is a pretty big don't even if you've been in a relationship for many years. Keep your tech in check by putting down the phone during meals, no matter what funny texts you might be getting from your friends or what work emails are coming through.

Do: Use Techy Toys in Bed

Tech advances are a major "do" when it comes to our lives is in the bedroom. Toys like the Play® Discover Intimate Massager and Play® Ring of Bliss take tech to the next level by providing hours of pleasure in user-friendly, compact packages. Use them during foreplay, or even during sex, to find new sensations and to keep things exciting for you and your partner.

Don't: Go to Bed With Your Laptop

A laptop is not an approved sex toy – unless, of course, you're using it to play some sexy videos to help get you and your partner in the mood. For the most part, though, you want to keep a healthy separation between work and pleasure and make your bedroom a stress-free zone. There are few things less sexy than crawling into bed next to your partner while she's frantically writing emails to her boss. Talk about a mood killer.

Do: Sync Your Calendars to Plan Date Nights

Because our lives can be crazy, even date night sometimes need to be scheduled. Whether you use your smartphone calendars or another program, keeping each other in the loop of what you each have going on will ensure that you'll always find a way to spend time together – both in and out of the bedroom.

Don't: Take Photos Instead of Enjoying the Moment

When you see an awesome sunset or get an amazing looking steak at a restaurant, it's tempting to want to snap a pic so you can remember the moment. But try to actually savor the moment IN the moment, if you can. Sure, a picture may be worth a thousand words but if you can't actually remember when or why you took it then it's really not worth much. Instead, put your arm around your partner and watch the sun set together or cut off a bite of your steak so you can both enjoy it. You'll feel more engaged – and alive – by being present than by trying to document what you're experiencing.


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