The Benefits of Being in a Relationship

Relationships require work, but they're worth it.

The Benefits of Being in a Relationship

By: Zoe Wilder

There's no greater feeling than falling in love. From the moment that spark ignites, it's hard not to chase it down and recreate it daily. When the passion is undeniable, a relationship is born. While relationships take time, commitment and perseverance, healthy ones are exceedingly beneficial – and worth every ounce of hard work you put into them.

You Get to Be Yourself
Many times in life, you may find yourself on guard and molding your personality according to your environment. When you're at work, you put your professional foot forward. When you're interacting with strangers, you exercise caution. When you're with that special someone, however, you can simply be yourself. Letting your guard down is an important key to intimacy and a wonderful way to decompress. Plus, it's reassuring to know your partner adores you for the quirky, silly, distinctive person that you are – even when you're not trying.

You Have Someone to Cuddle With (and More)
Few things are as enjoyable as wrapping yourself up in the arms of the person you love. There is great power in cuddling. It boosts your spirits, helps you fall asleep at night, keeps you warm on cold winter nights and can lead to the most sensual lovemaking. Since you never know when cuddling could morph into something more, be sure to have a box of condoms close by.

You Don't Have to Go It Alone
Remember those days before you had a partner by your side? You had to be fiercely independent. When you're in a relationship, you now have a partner to help you clean the house, take out the dog, wash the cat, move furniture, make you soup, fix what's broken, experience hardships and celebrate important milestones. While you still maintain your independence, you also have these perks, including someone to talk to whenever you need it.

You Learn and Grow
When you're in a relationship, it's as if your partner is holding up a mirror, allowing you to see all of your good – and not so good – qualities. This helps you understand yourself and others better; not to mention, you'll spend hours having enlightening conversations together that help you to learn and grow. You become more mindful of your actions and thoughts. You see the world differently. At the same time, your partner is experiencing this, too, evolving right alongside you.

You Have a Wealth of Shared Memories
Inside jokes and memories for days will keep you and your partner from experiencing any semblance of boredom. You'll spend hours on end recounting moments from your past, leaving you laughing and gasping for air, or sentimental with lust and longing to make more memories. Having someone by your side to share some of life's greatest sentiments is immeasurable and irreplaceable. It's like watching your favorite rerun over and over again, but better – way better.


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