So You Wanna Make a Sex Tape? What to Know Before You Hit "Record"

Heat up your sex life by making a sex tape!

So You Wanna Make a Sex Tape? What to Know Before You Hit "Record"

By: Zoe Wilder                                                                                

You can heat up your sex life 1000 degrees by making a sex tape. A truly good sex tape is just fun to watch, especially a few years later. But before you reach for the nearest camera and get busy, grab a few sexy essentials and follow these tips to proper sex tape etiquette. Then set up for that perfect shot.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Make sure you're working with a good camera with plenty of battery life. Ample lighting is important, too. A tripod or Go-Pro or even two or three cameras placed at different angles can be fun – especially if you want an immersive watching experience.

Location, Location, Location

The quintessential piece to a great sex shoot is location. Backdrop is everything in film. A bedroom is fine; a bedroom filled with scuba gear and stuffed jungle animals, even finer. See where we're going with this? It's important to have fun and be creative. These memories will last a lifetime.


Be sure to work plenty of different positions into your routine for this shoot. Watching you and your partner playback 40 minutes of oral gets old. Try different tricks, switching things up every three to five minutes or so. Work in some sex toys like a vibrator or intimate massager to keep the video spicy. Best of all, try some things for the first time. Bondage, perhaps? Getting candid moments down on film is priceless. Just remember to talk to your partner about incorporating new things into your bedroom routine before you hit “record.”

Let Your Voices Be Heard

Leave out the music. This is the number one mistake when making a perfectly good sex video. Cameras rarely record background music well, making the final result sound cheesy and outdated. Guaranteed, unless you have a live DJ or string quartet in the room scoring the act, the music will get boring. Besides, it drowns out the best part: your voices. These are the things that make a sex tape great. So don't forget to be extra vocal.

Money Shot

Remember to get the money shot. Every climax, orgasm, squirt or squeal is movie-maker gold. Skip any swallowing in place of sploshing this time around, and show the camera what a fabulous mess you two can make.

Post Production

Above all, be nice. If you're doing some post-shoot editing, remember to use the scenes that compliment everyone involved. Post editing is a good time to add some music here and there if done absolutely tastefully. Maybe you have a hot new remix your friend just produced. Pop it in there. The best sex tapes are a display of sheer ecstasy, fulfillment and FUN.


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