Signs She's Ready to Go All the Way

A helpful guide to reading her signals

Signs She's Ready to Go All the Way

By: Zoe Wilder

You just met the woman of your dreams. You're obsessed. Every thought brings you back to her sweet eyes and sexy grin. When you're not working or sleeping, you're with her or wondering what she's up to. Trying to figure out what she's thinking and how she's feeling is your new hobby. And, the butterflies are out of control. Your heart flutters as hormones rage. You want to pounce, but you're not sure how or when or where. Confused? This is your guide to reading her signals.

The Obvious

Sometimes guys get so excited when they meet a sexy woman that they come on too strong. While it's important to show a woman how you feel, remain respectful. Don't become so blindsided by her beauty you forget to listen to what she wants. Oftentimes, she'll make her desires known and it will be obvious. She will literally let you know when she wants to go to third base. There's no need to read between the lines because she'll open her mouth and spell it out for you. Give her room to express her voice, and it will take a lot of guesswork out of the equation.

The Overnight Bag

Have you noticed that her purse is getting bigger every time she comes over to watch a movie with you? Do you see an extra set of clothes tucked away inside? Is her Durex® Play® Delight Intimate Massager sticking out of the side pocket? Chances are, she's excited to extend her stay. If that's the case, she may be ready to go all the way. Offer her some space in your dresser. Give her a shelf in your bathroom. Invite her to stay the night.

The Lap Dance

You're spending the evening with your special lady friend when the mood changes dramatically. A sexy song comes on the iPod, and she starts grinding her hips and licking her lips. She flips her hair and gives you that unmistakably frisky glare. There's magic in the air. You're excited, but it's important that you stay calm. Don't move. Let her come to you. Wait until she grabs your hands and places them on her chest, guiding your way around her body.

The Linger

If she's shy, the signs may be subtle. She'll place her hand on your thigh, and let it linger longer than you expect. She'll find a reason to whisper in your ear, grazing your lobe. She'll look into your eyes a heartbeat – or two or three – longer. She'll trace little figure eights on your arm with her delicate finger tips. Kisses will last longer, leaving you gasping for air. You'll get lost in her embrace. Next thing you know, you'll be lingering in bed together all weekend long.

The Sexy Texts

Do you have to shield your phone every time you check your texts from her? Do you have a growing collection of photos of her naked body on your hard drive? Has social media become your favorite way to communicate with her when you're not around because she sends you sexy videos? If so, her signal is strong. Chances are, she's ready to take the relationship a step further. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride!



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