Romantic Ways to Say Good Morning

Start her day off right with a romantic gesture.

Romantic Ways to Say Good Morning

By: August McLaughlin                                                                 

Romance doesn't have to involve candlelit dinners and stargazing. Whether you use words or other gestures, letting your partner know you care first thing in the morning can rock her world, making even a Monday feel more like a Friday. Consider her likes and dislikes, and get creative. Chances are you'll get as much of a boost out of your effort as she does.

Make Her Favorite Breakfast

Food isn't only the way to a man's heart. Make her swoon by waking her with her favorite dishes. Doing so not only says good morning, but that you care enough about her to plan ahead, please her palate and put your love into action. Surprise her with a feast in bed or pour a morning bubble bath for her to savor while you cook your heart out. If you're feeling extra creative, write a simple greeting on a large pancake, using a tube of cake icing or canned whipped topping. Not much of a chef? Pick up pastries or bagels to serve with fresh fruit and java.

Serenade Her Awake

Even if she's not a morning person, serenading her awake could make her smile. Sing You Are My Sunshine to remind her that she is, or add your own good morning lyrics to one of her favorite tunes. If you're lacking in the tone department, rap or lip-sync a song, adding your own goofy dance moves. To greet her from a distance, perform your song through something like Skype or FaceTime, or record a video to send by text or email.

Massage Away Stress

Little puts the good into good morning like stress relief. If she has a lot on her plate, surprise her with a massage in bed before the day's tasks set in. For added pleasure, give her a massage that leads to the naked tango. Orgasm is a powerful way to kick stress to the curb and start her day with euphoric fireworks. Can't join the party in-person? Tuck a vibrator and good morning note in her purse or bathroom the night before. Text her in the morning so she'll be sure to find it.

Send Sexy Texts

Sexy texts could give her the equivalent of morning wood, and set both of your sights on friskiness for later on. Share a spicy dream or fantasy you've had about her, or tell her what you love most about making love to her. Tell her she's a knockout, inside and out, and that you can't wait to feel her body on yours. Add a photo of a sunrise, flowers or the two of you. If the words don't come easy, send her a romantic quote or erotic poem. What's important is that she knows you're thinking of her.



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