Reasons Why Condoms Break

Keep your rubbers in perfect working condition.


By: Natasha Burton

A broken condom is one of the biggest post-coital mood-killers out there. But, luckily, making sure you keep your rubbers totally intact is incredibly easy and requires basically no effort. To save yourself from this sticky (sometimes literally) situation, follow these tips for superior condom use.

Pay Attention to the Expiration Date

Be sure to check the date on your condoms before unrolling one. The expiration date is there for a reason, after all. Once a condom reaches or passes its deadline, the rubber used to make it may start to break down. So, if a condom looks dried out, don't use it.

Store it Right

Heat is a major condom killer, so never store yours in, say, your car, or even in your pocket for too long. Instead, keep your stash in a cool, dry place that doesn't get any direct sunlight.

Lube Up

Too much friction is a condom killer, making rips and tears a likely possibility. To keep your rubbers intact, make sure you either use lubricant or buy ones that are pre-lubed, like Durex Extra Sensitive™, which not only makes sex more pleasurable, but keeps you safe, too. Also good to know: The wrong kind of lube can cause breakage. Avoid “do-it-yourself” oil-based lubes such as baby oil or petroleum jelly, and go for a water-based lube instead.

If the Shoe (Doesn’t) Fit

Don’t wear condoms like girls wear skinny jeans. A too-tight condom is more prone to breakage. Be sure the ones you use can easily roll down and don't feel like they're cutting off your circulation. If you need a stellar option to fit your size, try Durex XXL™, which are made especially for guys who are packing a bit more girth and length than the average male.

Wear it Right

When you put on a condom, you should always roll it down gently and leave a little bit of room at the tip. Also, never double-condom yourself –no, it won't make your condom use more effective – and always check a condom for tears before you use it.




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