Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Physical

Pose a few questions before getting physical.

Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Physical

By: Zoe Wilder

You meet someone new who sweeps you off your feet. The electricity is undeniable. Eyes are locked, lips are twitching and hearts are racing. Distracted by the intense sexual attraction you're both experiencing, it's tempting to throw all caution to the wind, strip naked and get busy. However, it's a good idea to come back down to Earth for a moment and ask a few questions before letting the good times roll.

Have You Been Tested Recently?

Sex is fun, but there are risks involved, so it's best to ask this question before getting even more hot and bothered than you're already feeling. By asking about the health of your potential partner, you're showing that you care about staying healthy. It's a real turn on when partners show they care. Caring is sexy. Healthy is sexy. Honesty is sexy. Sharing your body is an incredible act of intimacy, but intimacy starts with a conversation.

What Are Your Intentions?

When you first meet someone, you don't always know what that person is looking for in a relationship. You may not know what you want, either. But, it's good to explore this before disrobing. Is it a one-night stand or a committed relationship? Perhaps, your potential mate is looking for a "casual but committed" relationship. Maybe you want something more serious. You won't know until you ask the question. Asking now helps eliminate confusion and hurt feelings later.

Do You Have Protection?

This is a big one. Protection is very important. There's nothing worse than approaching third base and realizing that neither one of you brought the Durex® Avanti Bare RealFeel® Non-Latex condoms to the party. As a rule of thumb, always keep a pack of condoms close by. Make sure you follow the condom box’s instructions – storing your condoms properly, looking at expiration dates and using a condom only one time. Your partner will thank you for it. But if you forget, you can avoid this mood killer by asking the question before sexual frustration sets in.

Do You Like It Kinky?

Before breaking out the whips and chains, it's a good idea to ask if your partner is into that sort of thing. If not, you run the risk of creating an uncomfortable situation, and that's the last thing you want to do. If your love interest is game for some kink, then be sure to discuss boundaries and come up with a safe word. A safe word is something determined ahead of time, and can be used during sex to indicate that a particular activity should end.




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