Love Map Kink Around the World

As one of the world’s leading sexual wellbeing brands, Durex conducted a global survey on love and sex to embrace the different fantasies and desires of countries from around the world. Asking nearly 30,000 participants from 37 countries resulted in so much data we decided to create a visualization focused on the kink factor of each country. This was measured by 11 kink categories; things that are perhaps above and beyond your everyday sexual endeavors. This involves everything from introducing new things into the bedroom such as sexual materials, sexy underwear and even multiple partners to sexting, bondage, and role play! Survey takers were asked if they had ever participated in these activities – their responses determine their country's kink rating, which was weighted by population.

You can unveil the specific country details by simply rolling your cursor over the world map, but here are some of the top highlights:

Most Kinky

The winner is Greece! With an abundance of Adonis’ and Goddesses, it may be no surprise these participants answered "yes" to the most questions about kinky activities.

Least Kinky

Participants in Japan answered "no" to most of our kink questions but their top turn-ons including erotic material, sexual fantasy and S&M are far from tame.

Who Does the Most Sexting?

Greece, South Africa and Thailand are ‘tapping that’ the most outside of the bedroom.

Who's Taking It All Off?

Bringing the rhythmic beat into the bedroom – strip tease is a favorite of Brazil, Colombia and Portugal

Who's Putting It On (To Take It All Off)?

Whether it's silky ruffles or strappy leather, the biggest fan of sexy underwear is Romania, followed by South Africa and Brazil.

See where your home country fell on our kink scale. If your country isn't on our list don't despair! Durex is committed to learning more about sex and love in all different cultures – we're sure to cross more borders next time we investigate.


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