How to Unroll a Condom

Be Protected: Tips for Gloving Your Love

How to Unroll a Condom

By: Kat George                                                                                    

There's an art to unrolling a condom. There has to be: it's the last thing you do before you have sex, so why wouldn't you want it to be artful? Condoms can be slippery little suckers, and sometimes figuring out which way to unroll it can be a real mood killer. But they're necessary, and with styles like Durex's Extra Sensitive™ and Intense Sensation™ condoms, you can have all the protection you need while still maintaining erotic, skin-on-skin sensation.

Get Hard

You can put on a condom over a flaccid penis, but that doesn't mean you should. You want the condom to fit snugly to avoid any uncomfortable bunching and to prevent tears, so the best way to ensure your condom is on right is to be fully erect when you put it on. Which means get some foreplay in before you go foraging in the drawer for your condom. And really, who's complaining about a little extra rub and tug?

Rip the Wrapper Carefully

When you're opening the condom wrapper, be careful! That little rubber on the inside might seem tough, but he's a sensitive soul, and in all your excitement, you don't want to accidentally put a rip in him. Use your teeth to nibble your partner's ear – never to rip open a condom wrapper. It might be a passionate moment, but be sure to tear with care.

Figure Out Which Way It Rolls

The most frustrating thing about condoms is figuring out which way it rolls out, but it's easier to do than you think. Hold the condom by the ring between your thumb and forefinger with one hand, and with the other, gently caress it. Roll it very delicately in one direction, and then the other, to see which way it goes. Be sure to only unroll it by one roll on either side, and re-roll it back up before you try to put it on, as unrolling too far can make it hard to put on – no pun intended.

Point the Tip the Right Way

Before you start unrolling, make sure the reservoir tip is pointing up, away from your penis, so that the rest of the condom will roll away from it. When you're ready to cloak your privates, you'll begin by gripping the tip between your thumb and forefinger, so having it pointing the right way is important. If you're uncircumcised, make sure you pull back your foreskin before rolling on the rubber.

Roll Away

When it's time to finally roll that condom on, forget about sleight of hand and think about your main objective, which is preventing air bubbles from forming inside the condom, as they can cause discomfort and breakage. You can do this by gripping the reservoir tip between your fingers, which will remove the air and also save the space for your Olympic swimmers when the gun goes off. From there, it's easy: roll the condom down and with it let the good times roll.



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