How to Stay Sexually Satisfied in a Relationship

Sexual satisfaction takes dedication, love and understanding.

How to Stay Sexually Satisfied in a Relationship

By: Zoe Wilder

It takes (at least) two to tango – and creating a lasting relationship takes dedication, love and understanding. Staying sexually satisfied in your relationship requires more of the same: strong communication, an open exchange of desires and feelings, as well as a healthy dose of playfulness. A relationship is something you build from the ground up – and then nurture so it lasts.

Talk It Out

Good communication can lead to a robust relationship as opposed to a fragile one. It’s important to be able to openly express your feelings and emotions without fear of judgment. Your sex life can benefit when you and your partner work together to create a relationship that includes confiding in each other and even exciting each other by sharing your thoughts and needs. Don't keep your fantasies and desires to yourself. Communicating them to your partner creates opportunities for fulfilling them. It can also increase playfulness and deepen your understanding of each other. When you and your partner work together to fulfill both your fantasies, your sex life will soar.

Make Time for Sex

Life can get in the way of sex. Responsibilities at work and home can leave little time for anything else – and sometimes your sex life is the first thing that suffers. The key to a sexually satisfying partnership rests in making time for romance and sex just like you would schedule work, exercise or anything else. Or, look for opportunities to have a quickie just to feel and stay connected. How often you have sex is a matter of personal choice and need. Some couples do it three times a day, while others do it once a week. Finding a rhythm that works for both you and your partner fans the flames of desire.

Realize that Relationships Aren't Static

While a healthy relationship typically has a strong foundation built on appreciation, respect and trust, a relationship is also subject to change. We're constantly learning and growing, which can affect our needs and desires. To stay sexually satisfied, you need to keep an open mind and an attitude of compassion for each other’s personal journeys. You won’t always be on the same wavelength – and it’s essential to recognize that’s just the way life is. Being mindful of your partner’s growth and reminding yourself to be grateful for each other helps grow the partnership and keep it strong.

Find New Forms of Intimacy

As a relationship changes over time so does the level of intimacy. Sex in a long-term relationship can be very different from that can't-wait-to-tear-your-clothes-off sex you were having in the beginning. What matters is that you recognize and nurture new forms of intimacy. Expressions of affection like cuddling, massaging, kissing, holding hands, long walks and deep talks are just as integral to a satisfying relationship as intercourse. When partners grow together so do their methods of expressing love and affection.

Keep Things Playful

Playfulness is important to keep a long-term relationship hot and spicy. A fun way to do this is by introducing sex toys into the picture like the Durex® Play® Allure® Intimate Massager . Try pleasuring both yourself and your partner simultaneously, creating new sensations and inventing new positions. Also, do your best not to fall into a sexual routine. Be adventurous and creative. You can even introduce your favorite flavors into the mix by using Durex® Tropical® Flavors Flavored Condoms. The possibilities are endless if you're open to them.




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