How to Show Her What You're Working With

Learn the ABCs of phallic photography.

By: Zoe Wilder

Sexting is an art. You can't just snap a shot of your stuff and send it into cyberspace. It requires an editorial eye and a touch of finesse. There's a time, a place and a technique attached to a successful picture of what you are packing. Study the ABCs of phallic photography to ensure you're achieving your desired effect.

It Must Be Hard

Women aren't usually turned on by a flaccid shot. Make sure you're capturing your manhood in its prime, ready for action, so your sender is satisfied. It doesn’t need to be naked. Feel free to play it coy by photographing your hard bulge while wearing underwear. For extra points, include your abs and hips in the composition of the shot.

Authenticity Is Key

This isn't a shot you want to spend a great deal of time "fixing" in Photoshop. If you have to edit it, delete it. The goal is to capture a spontaneous moment where you're genuinely turned on. Avoid taking close up shots. It's much sexier and more personal when you're not hiding behind your phallus. Instead, try a full- or half-mirror shot so she can see the complete picture – the authentic you.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you're attempting a self-portrait and it's not coming out as planned, invest in a selfie-stick. Learn how to use the timer, and get a stand for your phone. There are several props on the market that will help you take flattering and sexy shots. Look into hands-free options, so you can utilize your digits to lube up and touch yourself. Action shots incorporating your hands or other parts of your body are encouraged. Experiment with different poses to achieve photo perfection.

Location Counts

You may be looking mighty fine, but it's hard to focus on the money shot when there's so much dirty laundry in the frame. Tidy up a corner of your room. Avoid walls with family photos. Sexy shower shots work well provided your bathroom is sparkling. Snap a photo wrapped in your new Egyptian cotton sheets. Choose a window with a wooded view as a backdrop. Be creative without trying too hard.

Choosing "The One"

It's not the woman you just met at on the subway, a friend you've had a crush on or your smoking hot co-worker. You want to send a sexy photo to a person you've already been sexually involved with who has communicated that this is the sort of thing that turns her on. Don't be the first one to send over the image, though – wait for her to instigate the sexting before you jump in the game.


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