How to Read Her Body Language

Women's physical expressions can say a lot about their needs and desires.

How to Read Her Body Language

By: August McLaughlin

Women's physical expressions can say a lot about their needs and desires.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the human body might rate millions. Women's body language doesn't differ hugely from men's, but differences exist – particularly when it comes to romance and flirting. To learn more about your date or partner, take note of the messages she sends. When in doubt while decoding, remember – there's no harm in simply asking.

Ready, Set, Kiss!

You and your date have shared an awesome night of vittles and chit chat and you really want to kiss her – but should you? If she crosses her legs toward you during the night, touches her face or lips or twirls her hair seductively she could be interested in a smooch, according to Erin Tillman, a professional dating coach and host of "The Dating Advice Girl" in Los Angeles. If she doesn't initiate or give obvious signs, such as leaning in face-to-face, make these efforts yourself and see if she moves closer.

Sexy Signs

Whether you've just begun dating or have been together for a while, chances are you're both wondering when you'll have sex if you haven't yet. Some of the signs of sexual turn-on include dilated eyes from high dopamine levels in the brain, says Wendy O'Connor, a marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles. Your partner may also arch her back, cock her head, lick her lips or touch you. Her breathing will become shallow and her pulse will quicken as her vagina swells and lubricates. If she embraces the arousal and signals she's game if you are, it's probably safe to pull out lube and a condom from your Durex® Pleasure Pack® variety pack.

Emotional Cues

Recognizing your partner's emotional cues, such as when she could use a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear, is just as important as taking physical cues. To determine if she's happy, watch for a real smile. Genuine smiling stimulates crinkles around the eyes – unless, of course, she's had a cosmetic procedure (think Botox). On the other hand, if she's forcing a smile, it will only involve her mouth. When women feel assertive, they often stand firmly with their feet spaced apart. If she's upset with you, she may also put a hand on her hip, roll her eyes and release a frustrated sigh.

Tips for Responding

Body language is one of many tools for communication, and like men, all women are unique. And she may not always agree rationally or emotionally with her body's desires. She may flip her hair and look at you flirtatiously but feel emotionally unready for sex, for example. She may also desire sex, but feel a bit shy about expressing it. Don't assume anything about her body language, particularly when you're still getting to know each other. Communicate with your body and words, taking things slowly if needed. And remember, no one's perfect. If you misunderstand each other, talk it out and move on. The more you communicate, the stronger your relationship will be.


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